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    3 Mindset Shifts That will Absolutely Change Your Debt Free Thanksgiving

    Guest post by Diana on a Dime When searching through the Internet for beginning a debt-free journey, it usually will say to make some pretty radical changes in your habits and finances. That’s hard. Especially living in a world that is constantly bombarding you with the newest and greatest things. Our society is constantly trying to get you to upgrade, getting a bigger house, buy the newest cars, have the newest cell phone. You can’t drive down the street without seeing an advertisement for some new toy being blasted in your face. It’s constant. So, how do you fight back when society, your peers, your family is telling you to…

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    How to Practice Gratefulness This Holiday Season

    How to Practice Gratefulness this Holiday Season  Between calculating the cost of the turkey dinner and dealing with your loving but crazy family, thankfulness can be the last thing on your mind. Even Forbes says that depression increases steadily over the holidays due to a rise in stress. In this quick article, I outline how to practice gratefulness during this hectic holiday season.   Gratitude journals increase your happiness Two Harvard professors conducted a clinical study on two groups who were asked to write gratitude prompts on a weekly basis and compared them with a group of people who wrote about their aggravations and their general outlook on life. The…

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    Learning and Relearning Gratitude

    Guest post by Dragongal from dragonsonfire.com On life and expectations I used to whine and complain a lot. As an elementary school teacher, I was always overwhelmed with the demands placed on me by the students, parents, and administrators. My frustrations often got the best of me, and I would vent to my friends, co-workers, and my husband. Intellectually, I knew I was fortunate. My husband and I both had full-time jobs. We had a nice home and enjoyed traveling the world. But still, I complained. I believe this was due to unrealistic expectations. I expected a lot out of myself and the world around me. Related Article: My Struggle with…