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    My Favorite Gifts for Women under Twenty Dollars

    This post may contain affiliate links. Please review our terms and conditions page for more details. With the holidays around the corner, it can be easy to get on a spending spree without considering your wallet. I normally try to budget about $25 per family member that I will be gifting. My extended family on my husband’s side recently started secret santa by couple to save money on having to do presents for everyone. These are some of my favorite gifts for women and are all products I’ve personally purchased. Bloom Planner for the busy bee I love my Bloom Planner. I bought a Bloom Planner for 2017-2018 because I wanted…

  • The magnolia story

    The Magnolia Story: A Book Review

    A magnolia tree can take up to 10 years to bloom. The magnolia blossom gives off a light and sweet fragrance to anyone passing. Sweet, charming, and uplifting The Magnolia Story stole my heart just as quickly as Joanna saying, “Shiplap.” The Gaines story is one of unmistakable grace, patience, and a heck of a learning curve. Joanna and Chip tell their story so honestly, that I felt like I was in their living room hearing them retell it to a close friend. By the way, Joanna, let me know whenever you want to invite me over. 😉 On Their Business One of the biggest shocks I had when I…