• Astonishing Ways to Save for Solo Travel
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    7 Astonishing Ways to Save on Solo Travel You Need to Know

    This post may contain affiliate links. To learn more please read my disclosure page.  In this episode, I interview Danielle Desir, a Travel Finance Strategist and Podcast host The Thought Card. We explore how to prioritize travel as a solo woman on a budget to one of Danielle’s favorite exotic locations: Reykjavik, Iceland. As a single black woman, Danielle discusses how she was able to afford traveling to this expensive destination on a budget while still maximizing on seeing gorgeous scenery like glaciers, waterfalls, and eating locally made ice-cream. Book Cheap Flights Not surprisingly, Danielle advocates for booking cheap flights. She says that her favorite travel hacking websites include the…

  • How to Book Flights for Cheap
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    How to Book Cheap Flights

    In this article, I’m going to walk you through how to book flights for cheap. As an adult, I find that traveling helps me to reignite my creativity. I love to travel. Growing up I never traveled often. Seeing new things around me has helped me to change the way I think about myself and the world around me. It has given me an appreciation for different cultures, foods, and languages. But traveling wasn’t always possible with my income as a teacher and so I had to make a conscious effort to afford the things I enjoyed without breaking the bank. Let’s talk about tactics on how to book flights…

  • Harry Potter London Studio Tour

    7 Harry Potter Studio Facts That Will Make You Want to Visit

    “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live” – Albus Dumbledore Sorcerer’s Stone Earlier this year, Pete and I had an amazing adventure visiting London. Visiting the Harry Potter Studio Tour has been on my bucket list for about as long as I can remember after reading the books and watching the movies; yes, in that order. As you can tell, I’m a bit of nerd when it comes to the “Boy Who Lived.” So, when we traveled “across the pond,” as the Brits like to say, going to the studio tour was a bit of no-brainer. And I must say, the tour is just as…