How I Found Gratitude in My Illness

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Guest post by Daisy from DecidedlyAltered.com

There are places and people in our lives that permanently evoke the truest form of gratitude in our hearts. It resides in the big and in the little acts of kindness, in the minute and in the grandiose-scale of achievements, in that fleeting moment that comes to pass without a second glance if we forget to stop. This month of November, let’s pause and give thanks for those moments when our heart swelled of gratitude during the times when we needed it the most.

On counting my blessings

Me, I am truly blessed with a great family and support system, sometimes to the point where I feel I am not worthy of because I am not very expressive with my feelings. I would love to take this opportunity to give thanks to the people in my life that have made the greatest impact when life decided to put my resolve to the test, one month short of my 36th birthday. (Thank you Melody for giving me a chance to do so.)

On marriage

Two people come to mind in this moment of gratitude. My husband is one of the two. The husband that drives me crazy on a daily basis and pushes my stress buttons, is the same husband that flew me across the globe to get me the necessary [cancer] treatments so I can heal within a familial support system.

His act of love greatly surpassed any words to paint a picture of the gift he gave to me.

It was not an easy road to get me to where I am today.  You cannot surmise the strength and perseverance it took to go through the military chain of commands to get this enormous feat realized. You must know that every military man (or woman) dedicates his (or her) life first and foremost to the country. To go without approval comes with great consequences.  His command was willing to send me on my way, alone.  My husband didn’t agree.

With barely even get the chance to absorb the news, he took the bull by the horn. He asked what he needed to do to go with me, and did it. In a month’s time, all the “i’s” were dotted and all the authorization papers signed. During this difficult time, it was two months short of his mother’s one-year death anniversary. And then his tears came.  It’s hard to grasp the fear and concern he hid from me having witnessed his mother losing her battle against cancer all too recently.

I am here – alive and well – and able to do the things I love, because of his love, focus, and support.

Can you imagine the amount of reciprocity warranted to equal that act of kindness? It truly is beyond words.

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On my mother

The other person is my mother, with all her crazy ways. She really should have her own YouTube channel because of her crazy-funny mom personality. She has been my greatest supporter since birth. I cannot begin to fathom the weight of her sadness upon hearing the news of my cancer diagnosis thousands of miles away. In our time of need, my mother gave us a home to live in until we got our footing during our short-notice relocation to Virginia from across the Pacific. All our belongings, except for a suitcase each, were still halfway across the world. I didn’t have to worry about money, of finding a place to stay, of taking care of my kids while they came and went from school, or needed food. She gave without asking for anything in return.  In doing so, she alleviated a giant pressing weight off our shoulders and allowed us to focus on healing. My mom didn’t have to help, but I’m so glad she did. Hands down, she is the best supportive mom ever! Coincidentally, this month of November, my mother turns 70. Happy birthday, mom! I take pride in saying I got half of my beautiful genes from her. You won’t believe she is 70. She is now retired and spends her time traveling the world. Thank you, mom, for always being you.

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On Life

Life has a way of throwing so many things at us all at once sometimes that we get trapped within our own bubble of a world. With my focus set in the chaos of it all, sometimes I forget to give thanks to those that have helped me get to where I am today. To the other unmentioned heroes in my life, thank you. I am truly blessed to have you in my life.

Bio – Daisy runs her blog DecidedlyAltered which focuses on frugal living tips, family, and blogging. Join me, Savingjoyfully, theDragonsonfire, Dianaonadime,  themoneymix, and MsFiology to celebrate what we have and be thankful this month. Share your story about thankfulness by using the #thankfulnesschallenge

Gratitude during my illness



  • Nicole B.

    What a lovely post! This really warmed my heart. It is sad the hoops that have to be jumped through in the military, but I’m sure he knew what he was signing up for. I’m grateful for all of our service men and women. They do not have it easy. Glad you are cancer free!

    • Melody

      Yes, it is very difficult what military men and women go through just to serve their country. Thank you, Daisy for posting!

  • Deanna

    You have some amazing people in your life. Dealing with a serious medical diagnosis can bring out the best and worst in people. It is apparent it brought out the best in you, your husband and your Mom. Thanks for sharing and all the best to you.

    • Melody

      Thank you for sharing this comment, Deanna. You have faced many difficulties too! Daisy, thank you so much again for being an inspiration to other people.