how to make money with Shipt
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How to Make Money with Shipt

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how to make money with Shipt

Going to the grocery store these days can feel a lot like going to the Dentist when you know you haven’t flossed, painful and inconvenient. So it’s no wonder why many American households outsource this mundane task to Shipt shoppers. Visit any grocery store and you’ll spot the green logo on t-shirts quickly perusing through canned goods and fruit. With the growing need for filling fridges, can you really make money becoming a Shipt shopper? I asked my coworker and side hustle extraordinaire Ashley and here’s what I found out.

What is Shipt?

Shipt is an online app that provides consumers with a customizable online food and beverage shopping experience with convenient delivery. According to their website, Shipt is currently available in over 247 cities across the United States and counting.

Become a Shipt Shopper

Here’s how it works:

  • Customers pay about $99 annually to use the service.
  • Customers can checkout items to their online cart via the app.
  • Shipt shoppers receive notifications of nearby Shipt shopping requests and deliver the customer’s order straight to their door.


Is being a Shipt shopper worth it?

I spoke with my coworker and friend Ashley about why she started with Shipt. She said that she started working with Shipt as a way to help pay back her student loans. She works a full time job while also balancing other side hustles and hobbies like teaching Zumba classes.

I like the flexibility and there are plenty of ways to earn extra. The app is really user friendly, straight forward, and easy to get everything right.

According to Ashley, one of the biggest perks of being a Shipt shopper is how consistent the income is when you accept assignments.

How do you accept assignments?

I found the entire process of getting assignments fascinating. One thing that Ashley mentioned about Shipt was how convenient the whole interface of the Shipt app is not only for the customer, but also for the shopper.

Here’s how the assignment process currently works for a Shipt shopper.

  • Type in a location for the city where you’ll be shopping.
  • You’ll receive a notification on the app with the estimated money you’ll make along with the estimated time to shop.
  • You’ll receive the delivery times requested by the customer.
  • Once you claim the order, you’ll receive the customer information including any applicable notes such as drop off details.
  • Aisle and row information will be available for each item and you can scan each item’s barcode directly to the app.
  • Use your Shipt credit card to purchase the order.
  • Once you checkout, you can deliver it!

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How do you apply?

The process of applying to Shipt is fairly straightforward and involves three steps.

  • Apply online at www.shipt.com
  • Complete a video interview recording to answer a couple of questions. Here are a few examples of what you might be asked to answer.
    • What are you three strengths?
    • How can you incorporate Shipt into your life?
    • How do you find a good apple?
  • Complete a security check
    • This involves a security background check along with a driving record check.

Once you finished these simple steps, the results of your application will be sent to you via email. If you have been accepted as Shipt shopper, you’ll receive a Shipt credit card for customer’s grocery orders.

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Do Shipt shoppers get tips?

Shipt shoppers can receive extra tips dependent on customer reviews. These reviews are highly dependent on how quickly you delivered the order according to the customer’s requested delivery times, so make sure not to run late. Tips and payment are delivered securely through the online app so no physical money is exchanged. Make sure to smile! Customers will appreciate it!

Is this job flexible?

Yes! Once you are approved to shop for Shipt, you can enter in your availability which is great for busy or variable schedules. Plus, another perk is that if you have extra time during certain days you can double up on the amount of orders you accept. The max amount of orders you can take is ten per shopping trip.

Best Practices for Shipt Shoppers

If you have spare time on your hands and want a reliable extra source of income, Shipt provides an easy to follow method for making money.

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you as Shipt Shopper!

  • Communicate to customers when items are missing from the store with a list of comparable products and prices.
  • Check in with customers before check out to confirm if anything else is needed.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of compliments!
  • Shake the customer’s hand and thank them
  • Don’t be late! Too many late reviews can lead to a revoking of your license!
  • Track your mileage using the app for tax time.

Earn Money with Shipt


Shipt is a reliable source of extra income and perfect for someone with some spare time, quality transportation, and a good sense of time management. Shipt really seems to shine when it comes to the easy to follow process of their application and order checkout. From my quick interview with Ashley, it seems like the notifications for assignments are readily available, all you need to do is accept the challenge. Thanks to Ashley, for helping me find these quick tips and being an amazing Shipt shopper.


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