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Plan Your Perfect Wardrobe on a Budget

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Plan Your Perfect Wardrobe on a Budget

Plan Your Perfect Wardrobe on a Budget

Picking out pieces for my wardrobe can be a lot of fun, but definitely not very budget friendly.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve walked through department stores for outfits to fit in my wardrobe and end up spending way more than I bargained for. Instead of giving up on shopping or shooting my wallet, I’ve developed some budget-friendly ways to find the perfect wardrobe. Read more about my budget-friendly DIY masks here.

My absolute favorite place to shop is Plato’s Closet.

Plato’s Closet caters to young women and carries discounted name brand and off-brand clothing.

Their post-season sales are the best! We’re talking 50% off of the ticket price great!

I’ve found some amazing finds at a fraction of the price I would have paid in the store.

The pros of Plato’s closet is that the outfits are fashionable, affordable, and only lightly worn.

I snagged this cute dress from Plato’s closet, for only $8.

These shoes were listed at $19.98 at DSW, but I grabbed this pair for only $3!

You can’t beat that kind of deal.

I’ve tried using websites like Stitchfix in the past, but the wardrobe choices I found were flimsy and extremely expensive. My favorite alternative is thredUP.

ThredUP is a website that sells name brand, lightly worn clothing for at inexpensive prices.

You can find everything you need with the search engine including color, size, brand name, condition, and even pattern. In many ways, it reminds me of Amazon’s search engine.

If you want to opt for a box of stylized pieces, you can answer a few questions, pay a $10 fee towards 10 customized pieces and have your package shipped for free. Once you get your wardrobe items, any items you purchase will have $10 credit applied from your initial fee. 

Check out their new items with tags category.


If you love to organize your outfits and loved Polyvore, this app is a really great way to organize and plan your wardrobe. They even have a way to import photos from your phone and track any outfit purchases from your Gmail account (if you choose to use the feature).

Once you log in via facebook, gmail, or create an account, you’ll be prompted to create your wardrobe via photos or by searching for your pieces via the web.

Choose or upload photos.
Search for outfit photos online.
Create outfits with accessories


Goodwill Boutique

If you live in the states, Goodwill Boutique stores do a great job maximizing  on the current brands and trends.  Their shop looks like you’ve just walked into an Urban Outfitters store. Although Goodwill Boutique stores are not as common as Plato’s Closet, they certainly have great deals on accessories, evening gowns, and casual outfits. They also have some amazing finds for décor that you might not find anywhere else.

teal dress
My large Filipino-Mexican family celebrating my cousin’s wedding. My awesome teal dress found at a Goodwill store!


I used to only shop at Payless and other discount shoe stores, but I realized the importance of finding quality shoes. DSW’s clearance and discount section give you quality shoes without having to worry if they will last.

Since I live in the Midwest, I always have to make sure I’m ready for all four seasons.

After moving from California, I didn’t realize how important snowshoes were. Immediately after my first snow storm, I knew that keeping my toes warm and toasty was only possible with a great pair of quality snow-shoes. DSW helped me grab a pair of shoes without sacrificing quality or on my budget. Shoes are definitely my weakness!

I find that shopping at the end of the season, you’ll find the best deals.

That means if you find some great snowshoes at the beginning of spring, it might be a great time to invest in a pair because they will be at their lowest price!

H & M

I used to be a big fan of Forever 21, but recently H & M’s store organization helps me see what catches my eye. H & M has some great accessories and individual pieces. Stocking up on basic hair accessories, socks, and simple t-shirts are great when you need to replace the basic items in your wardrobe.

This awesome H & M top was less than $8 after downloading my app.


Aerie’s positive body image always leaves me encouraged about how I look when I go shopping. Even though I like Victoria’s Secret’s bras, I find that the models always make me feel less than attractive. Aerie, however, shows positive images of women of all different colors and sizes which makes me feel less self-conscious and body positive. I love opting for their holiday 5 for $25 sale, similar to VS, but better because the material is soft, breathable, and comes in a variety of comfortable shapes without the body shaming.

These are all just a few places that I love checking out whenever I need a fresh wardrobe for a new season. But before I buy new clothes, I try to release the clothing and things I don’t need.

My motto is, if I haven’t worn the item in 6-8 months, I probably won’t wear it again. So I donate clothing to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

Less many times means more.


Save for later on Pinterest.

I’d love to know your favorite places shop in the comments below?