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    19 Creative Ways to Make Money You Haven’t Tried

    This post may contain affiliate links. For more information, please read my disclosure page.  In this episode, I interview Andre Albritton, founder of The Millenials Next Door – a personal finance coaching website and blog. Andre discusses the many strategies that he’s used to make money through side hustles. He talks about how he has seen both success and failure in his entrepreneurship journey. But success comes with failure, according to Albritton. And when it comes to entrepreneurship, Andre believes that failure is part of a much bigger picture. According to Andre, “When it comes to starting a side hustle, if you’re not failing, you’re not doing it right.”  …

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    Sunshine Blogger Award

    What is the Sunshine Blogger Award Bloggers form a tight community and since we all work behind our computers and generally from home, we support each other through social media, and show love by sharing of each other’s content, mentoring one another, etc. The Sunshine Blogger Award is all about recognizing, supporting, and encouraging fellow bloggers. It is hard work, you all! And being recognized by the industry as someone who inspires other bloggers just bring a big smile on my face! The rules of the game are if you are nominated, respond to the questions, create 11 new questions, and nominate 11 other amazing bloggers that can share the…

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    My Honest Reflections on 6 Months of Blogging

    My Reflections on 6 Months of Blogging I really enjoy blogging, but the truth is that there are definite pros and cons to it that I want to be honest about. Six months of blogging doesn’t make you an expert, but it does mean that you haven’t quit. Technically, it’s been approximately seven months since I’ve started blogging and I want to tell you how I feel. Evaluating Your Time and Energy Blogging takes an incredible amount of time and energy. From a creative standpoint, I really enjoy placing my time and energy around something I really care about. For me, I believe that women and men should have a…