• Thankfulness

    How I Found Gratitude in My Illness

    There are places and people in our lives that permanently evoke the truest form of gratitude in our hearts. It resides in the big and in the little acts of kindness, in the minute and in the grandiose-scale of achievements, in that fleeting moment that comes to pass without a second glance if we forget to stop. This month of November, let’s pause and give thanks for those moments when our heart swelled of gratitude during the times when we needed it the most. On counting my blessings Me, I am truly blessed with a great family and support system, sometimes to the point where I feel I am not…

  • Finance

    How To Get Your Spouse on Board with a Budget

    On Board with A Budget By Sami Womack from asunnysideuplife.com Getting your spouse on board with a budget is a crucial step to being successful with any goal…especially one that affects both of you like your money goals do. My favorite marriage + money metaphor is to imagine that you’re both in a rowboat, and you’re paddling in opposite directions, you’re going to get nowhere fast! That’s essentially what you’re doing with your money if you don’t realize that you’re in the same boat…you’re on the same team…and you should be on the same page about your money! However, that’s often times easier said than done…trust me, I know! I’ve been…