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    11 Ways To Deal Fabulously With Debt during Pregnancy

    Did you recently come to know that a little one inside you begins to grow during your pregnancy? After a few months, you will be a mother! Well, the news indeed brings you a world of happiness. But, it can create a mixed feeling of joy and anxiety in you. Getting warm wishes from your loved ones for the upcoming baby is extremely joyous. On the other hand, the other realities, which are associated with pregnancy can make you feel overwhelmed. Though it is true that parenthood is a priceless gift, yet the cost associated with the entire phenomenon can make you worried; especially if you are already dealing with…

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    5 Money Myths

    5 Money Myths If you’ve every watch Mythbusters, you’ll know that myths generally be proven or disproven. Today, consider me your personal money myth buster. I’ll be reviewing these key myths and truths about money. Trust me when I say the truth will suprise you. ┬áMyth Numero Uno (Number 1): Budgeting is hard. This myth is rooted in the fact that budgeting would normally be done by an accountant or mathmatically gifted individual. Thankfully, you don’t have to be good at math or great with Excel to be able to create a budget. You don’t need a certificate in financial planning or a degree in business. to get this right.…

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    How I Saved Thousands Using These Mint.com Hacks

      How I Saved Thousands Using These Mint.com Hacks Many people are curious how I budget my money so I can afford to go to places like London, Reykjavik or Paris or how I paid off $65k of my student loans, and I tell them mint.com. Mint has a desktop and responsive design for desktop, tablets, and phone apps. Saving thousands of dollars comes starts with envisioning your finances and then getting down with the numbers. If you’ve ever had trouble in the past with budgeting, Mint makes budgeting so much easier than pen and paper. Getting Started with Mint.com My 10 Mint.com Hacks So you’re probably thinking, why should…