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    How to qualify for student loan forgiveness programs

    The Student Loan Crisis   According to Forbes, the student loan crisis has hit an all-time high, with over 44 million people owing a cumulative amount of $1.5 trillion dollars. Although Millenials are working now more than ever, some even taking on side hustles and part-time jobs, many still struggle to make ends meet. The U.S. Department of Education states that in 2019, 42 million students owe $100,000 or less and about 2.5 million owe a balance between $100,000 and $610,000. While many hail the charity of people like Robert Smith, who pledged $40 million to pay off a graduating class’ student loans, many are concerned that the government isn’t…

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    5 Money Myths

    5 Money Myths If you’ve every watch Mythbusters, you’ll know that myths generally be proven or disproven. Today, consider me your personal money myth buster. I’ll be reviewing these key myths and truths about money. Trust me when I say the truth will suprise you. ┬áMyth Numero Uno (Number 1): Budgeting is hard. This myth is rooted in the fact that budgeting would normally be done by an accountant or mathmatically gifted individual. Thankfully, you don’t have to be good at math or great with Excel to be able to create a budget. You don’t need a certificate in financial planning or a degree in business. to get this right.…