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    How I Found Gratitude in My Illness

    There are places and people in our lives that permanently evoke the truest form of gratitude in our hearts. It resides in the big and in the little acts of kindness, in the minute and in the grandiose-scale of achievements, in that fleeting moment that comes to pass without a second glance if we forget to stop. This month of November, let’s pause and give thanks for those moments when our heart swelled of gratitude during the times when we needed it the most. On counting my blessings Me, I am truly blessed with a great family and support system, sometimes to the point where I feel I am not…

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    Learning and Relearning Gratitude

    Guest post by Dragongal from dragonsonfire.com On life and expectations I used to whine and complain a lot. As an elementary school teacher, I was always overwhelmed with the demands placed on me by the students, parents, and administrators. My frustrations often got the best of me, and I would vent to my friends, co-workers, and my husband. Intellectually, I knew I was fortunate. My husband and I both had full-time jobs. We had a nice home and enjoyed traveling the world. But still, I complained. I believe this was due to unrealistic expectations. I expected a lot out of myself and the world around me. Related Article: My Struggle with…