The Power of Mentorship and How to Build Authority

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In this episode, I interview Personal Finance Writer Asia Martin. Asia found the power of mentorship impactful in her career. She invested in formal and informal programs to help her level up in her knowledge and confidence. She says that she values family, mentorship, and equity and invests money and time into those values. In the next few paragraphs, I’m going to share with you how she landed a job at a major publishing company including Forbes and how you can build authority in your niche to do the same. 


Build experience

Asia didn’t always have a ton of experience in her field. She says that she built her experience writing in high school, studying journalism in college, and finally landing a job writing for a publication that featured content around financial advisors. Even with all of this experience, she wanted to learn more and decided on joining a formal mentorship program available through her alma mater. Although programs like these are not always available in colleges or universities, it’s important to note that Asia was actively looking for ways to boost her resume, gain experience, and receive feedback. Other great alternatives to gain experience include asking your employer for ways to provide additional responsibilities in a field or subject that you are interested in learning and growing in.

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Seek mentorship 

Mentorship opportunities in a corporate setting are not always formal. Asking more experienced individuals at a corporate job for feedback on a project or situation can be informal but beneficial. Many women, especially those interested in entrepreneurship, invest in 1:1 customized or group mentorship programs for a formal support system to receive the help they need for launching or growing their business. I’ve personally invested in a business coach and mastermind groups and have found it so helpful to prepare for the next move in my business and life. 

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Ask for feedback

Asia says that sometimes it’s difficult for people to feel comfortable giving feedback, especially in a workplace environment. But as someone who believes in improvement, feedback is essential. It can be scary asking for feedback on a project, especially when it comes to a project that is creative and subjective. Take for instance my blog and podcast. I’ve asked some other podcasters and bloggers to give me feedback. And while it’s a risky business to put myself out there, I’ve found that allowing people to provide me feedback not only helps me grow but challenges me to hone my craft.

And while it's a risky business to put myself out there, I've found that allowing people to provide me feedback helps me grow and challenges me to hone my craft. Click To Tweet

Challenge yourself

Asia never dreamed that she would land a job writing blog post articles for companies like Forbes, yet she challenged herself by applying when she saw the position listed on Linkedin. She says that mentorship played a big role in building her confidence and without it, she might not have applied for the position. On a related note, when I transitioned into entrepreneurship full time, my business processes were a challenge. And when I invested in a business coach, I was able to navigate these challenges with the support of my mentor. Sometimes putting yourself out there and having someone cheer for you can really make all the difference.  

Sometimes putting yourself out there and having someone cheer for you can really make all the difference. Click To Tweet

Dream big 

Having big goals requires you to think outside the box. “Dreaming big” can mean allowing yourself to think outside of your current job title, your income, and even sometimes your physical location. I love the fact that Asia thought outside of her comfort zone when she applied to a position to work for a major publishing company. I recommend that people think about their biggest dream by visualizing the sights, sounds, smells, and people they have in their ideal lifestyle. For me, my biggest dream is something I’m working on constantly and honing. At times that means I’ve journaled my big dreams, reflected on what’s worked, and what hasn’t. And once I’ve accomplished a dream, it’s time to dream something new. 

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Take action on your goals 

Many people stop after they journal about their ideal lifestyle, but Asia is living proof that taking action is what really counts. She didn’t stop at participating in a mentorship or applying for a dream job, she continued to take action on her career by looking for ways to improve, gain feedback from trusted colleagues, and even friends and family. Asking for a promotion, paying off debt, or starting a business can seem like daunting tasks, but each step is a step towards your goal. If you don’t take the first step, you won’t be able to reach your goal. Believing in yourself or investing in a mentorship can really help you determine how to take that next step and get the support you need. 

Surround yourself with people you trust 

Asia shared an important proverb, “If you want to go fast, go it alone; but, if you want to go far, go it together.” Sometimes you can’t always trust the people around you to give you unbiased feedback. That’s why you need to surround yourself with people that know you, your projects or business. It can be scary when first trying something new and sometimes even scarier to receive feedback, and that’s why giving people permission in your life to give you input is something you should entrust to a select few individuals. 

Become part of the conversation 

Asia says that you need to be a part of the conversation if you decide to make a living by writing. One social media platform stands out to Asia when it comes to her niche in personal finance. Twitter is where Asia goes to find out about the topics and conversations people are having about finances, especially amongst Millenials. If you decide to go the route of personal finance, consider utilizing Twitter as a way to get connected. Asia also notes that a personal story can make all the difference for a reader, especially for personal finance bloggers. 

Collaborate with experts

Next, Asia says that building up a good network of reliable and authoritative sources has helped her in her writing career. Over the years, she’s been able to connect with other thought leaders in personal finance. Leveraging the knowledge of experts provides her readers with reliable evidence and helps her create better content. In fact, she’s not only utilized the experts in personal finance but also in her career. Outside of her formal mentorship, she’s been able to improve her skill set by asking for feedback from more experienced colleagues. 

Network at events

Lastly, Asia emphasizes the importance of using physical events to network and build more connections. FinCon, a personal finance conference, is where Asia networked with me to land an interview on my podcast as well as meet hundreds of other bloggers, social media influencers, and Fintech companies. Sometimes all it takes is meeting in-person to create a deeper connection. This is often how I’ve met new guests for my podcast and made real friendships. 


In conclusion, there are many opportunities to build your authority in a niche and landing a position doing what you love whether in a corporate job or through digital entrepreneurship. Many people will say that dreaming big is an illusion, but I believe anyone can accomplish a goal with support, access to great resources, and getting the feedback they need to build their dream lifestyle. 

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