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   Melody Johnson provides financial coaching

and education regarding personal finances.

            She is also available to speak at high schools, colleges,

and corporate settings.

Melody is also an avid writer and blogger.

If you are interested in guest posting or any collaborations

please email melody@herdesignedlife.org

         What is financial coaching?

Contrary to financial advisors or planners, who primarily provide

recommendations on investments, financial coaches focus

on the fundamental framework of finances including budgeting, financial goal setting,

and provides a customized approach to individuals and families.

See Forbes’ article on the differences here.

Melody Johnson

    Founder and Financial Coach

Melody is a Certified Financial Education Instructor.

In her professional career she has assisted thousands of clients with mortgages and refinances.

   In addition, she currently works preparing curriculum teaching personal finance basics.

She draws much of from her struggle with personal finances and overcoming debt.

Her goal is to assist college grads with paying off over $100,000 in student loans and debt.

See her financial path to student loan freedom here.

Check out her post about budgeting hacks and tips here.


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Schedule your discovery call today! – Local Michigan Residents only.

Schedule your discovery call today! – Local Michigan residents only.

See what our client’s say!

 Melody is a breath of fresh air when it comes to finances. Sh’s very thorough and hands-on with financial advice. I’ve learned so much about my credit score and improving financially. Not only does Melody have the skills but she also creates beautiful templates that help track your goals financially. – Sydney I.

Melody has amazing energy and always wants to help others!Rachel 

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