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Invest in yourself

  • Are you tired of working hard but not seeing your bank account grow?
  • Have you tried budgeting or couponing before, but can't seem to get anything to stick?
  • Are you saving up for a big life event like buying a home, paying for a wedding, or starting a business?
  • Does the word "budgeting" make you honestly feel like you want to throw up a little?

You're Not Alone

According to to Newsday, the median wealth of men is 162 times greater than that of women. 

On top of student loan debt, high rent, and high interest credit card fees, women receive $.63 on the dollar compared to their male counterparts. 

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What you need to thrive

What you need isn’t another white collar person telling you what to do with your next paycheck. You need a confidante – someone that you can trust to tell you what you need to do to overcome the poverty mindset and build generational wealth.

You need to stop living in a scarcity mindset and start leading an abundant life.

Why other programs don't work

  • Other programs lack accountability and leaves people without any support.
  • Programs are tailored to men and full of fancy schmancy jargon no one really understands.
  • Goals are unrealistic making it difficult to apply.

Why my clients win with money

  • 1:1 accountability with supportive mentoring.
  • Conversations about money without the jargon.
  • Easy to use wealth building tools and resources.
  • Ongoing podcasts and videos catered to you.
  • Access to a private mentorship group.

What is a Financial Coach?

A financial coach helps you gain clarity, ditch debt, and build wealth through providing 1:1 support and mentorship. 

My focus is specifically with women who have side hustles and want to be able to overcome debt to be able to invest and launch their business the right way. 

Service Packages

Money Master's Package

I offer six customized one hour consultations to provide accountability on debt payoff and wealth building strategies for $945 or two payments of $475. Plus a complimentary 2 hour money mapping session. 

Credit Report Analysis

I provide a one hour consultation to review your credit report and provide customized recommendations to improve your your credit for $99.

Money mapping session

I provide a two hour session for $200 to review money goals, analyze debt payoff strategies, and provide customized budgets,  and debt payoff plans. 

What my clients say!



“RELIEF! That’s what I feel after working with my financial coach. This afternoon she helped me call and negotiate lower interest rates on my credit cards.”



“I just wanted to say thank you to Melody for taking the time to help me with my financial goals to success. I learned so much that I did not know. It has beeen beyond great working with Melody.”



“Having a financial accountability partner feels so good. I’m so glad I can check in with Melody before making decisions  now.”