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10 Must Know Guides to Brand Your Business

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Whether you are a vintage goods seller, a handmade Etsy vendor, or a wedding photographer you might find that are having trouble connecting with your audience. Okay, so you made a few sales, but now it’s slow and you’re wondering where all of your client’s went?

You might find that you are barking up the same tree and getting a gentle, “No, thank you” from your friends and relatives and honestly, it feels a little defeating.

So you don’t have a budget of $10,000 to spend on advertisements, in fact you barely have enough money to cover inventory at this point.

What do you do?

Give up? Nope, not this girl. You are too invested and excited to let your dreams go!

I’ll tell you what, I know what that is like and like so many other women out there, you are not alone.

If you think that you need a $10k budget for advertisements, you don’t.

Plenty of instagram gurus like Jenna Kutcher and Youtube success stories like Phil Ebner are out there to tell you why you should use free social media platforms to have your ideal client come to you.

So how do you do it?

  1. Determine your audience– What problem can your service or product solve? What are the personality traits of people you know that would benefit from this? Write a list down of what your ideal client would be including age, possible locations where this would benefit a prospective client, and niche audiences. I.E. “My organic soaps would benefit the vegan and organic market because my products are handcrafted, completely sulfate and animal byproduct free.”
  2. Create a mood board – It’s a lot simpler than it sounds. If you have ever created a Pinterest board simply because of how the photos made you feel – happy, pretty, luxurious, etc, you probably know how impactful pictures and colors can be when it comes to your mood. Think about what you like about the photos you are pinning ( colors, images, fonts, etc.)
  3. Envision your brand’s logo– If you are not a designer, creating a logo that showcases who you are and what your business stands for is very straightforward. My favorite place to go for cheap logos is Fiverr. I literally paid $5 for my first logo!
  4. Create a branding guide – A branding guide is a list of color schemes, fonts, and an overall message that you want your audience to feel when they get in contact with your brand. Do you want your prospective clients to feel excited, relaxed, or intrigued?
  5. Find Your Voice – Remember what you are passionate about and stick to it. If you find out that you are thinking about something, or feel inspired, write it down. No one else shares your experiences and your ideal clients want to hear you.
  6. Plan your messages – So it all sounds like you are juggling while hopping on one foot, right? If you are busy like me, you might not have time to draft up this information every single day. Besides, you’ve got a baby or a full-time job, right? However, planning your messages to be consistent with colors, tone, and overall feel will provide your brand with it’s unique flavor that you want.
  7. Share your brand with the world– Now that you’ve planned it out, start sharing. If you have a website, put it on your facebook, create a Facebook page, link your site to your instagram bio, and create a Facebook group to start engaging others.
  8. Engage your clients – Think about commenting back on a photo online or asking what someone’s favorite coffee brand is. Have a call for action and ask clients to comment, tag, or like a post. This will boost the visibility of your post for others to see.
  9. Provide value outside of a sale. – Nobody wants someone constantly selling to them, that’s why telemarketer’s get hung up on. Provide value for free whether it be a handout, a tutorial online via Youtube, or a blog about the ups and downs of motherhood. Be real because that is what people truly want.
  10. Less is More – So what, you missed a day because you got sick and had a deadline at work. No big deal, you can get back on the horse. The truth is that less “noise” photos or videos are needed and more “quality (i.e. truthful and vulnerable) content” is what is needed from you and frankly the world.

Don’t know where to start? Download your free Social Media Planner to get started!

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Poll time via comment:

Which platform do you use more: pinterest, instagram, or facebook.

Comment below with your answer!


  • Michaela

    I love your tips and love the design of your blog! In terms of your poll question, I have to say that I enjoy using all three: Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook, but I am not sure that I am using any of these effectively – I feel like I still have a lot to learn about engaging with my audience. Thanks for your thoughtful post!

  • Melody

    Thank you, michaela! My theme is from creative market. I absolutely agree! It can seem overwhelming using all of the platforms. I’m learning every day.