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10 Organization Hacks for Busy Women

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“I love extra work!” said no sane woman ever. Count me as one of those women. I’ve got a life,  and I don’t need to make it more complicated. Organization has become a necessity in my crazy hectic, beautiful life. Organization has helped me maintain sanity, meet deadlines, get to my appointments, and find creativity. Over time, I’ve actually started to enjoy it. Between my full time job, graduate school, adoption paperwork, volunteer work at church, and my side business of financial coaching I have to maximize the amount of time I spend on each endeavor. Here are my top organization hacks I believe every busy woman should not live without!

Financial Organization

  • For my run of the mill financial organization like budgeting, I use Mint.com. You can check out how I use Mint.com here.
  • I also love using Google Sheets or Excel to calculate debt payoff, bill payments, and to calculate my investment interest amounts.  I send all my printable freebies to my subscribers. 🙂
  • Qapital – This simple app works off of rules. You can create a financial goal of saving $1,000 on the 52 week savings plan or round up transactions to the nearest dollars and have the app save the difference ( i.e. saving $.25 from your $3.75 caramel iced coffee ). It’s definitely not a get rich quick app, but it’s helpful to know that I’ve saved $20 from my purchases. Check it out on iTunes here.

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Work- Life Organization

  • Dropbox – Along with a huge assortment of post-it notes and binders. I use dropbox for saving digital images and documents that I don’t have space for on my personal laptop. It’s especially nice because you can download the app and save addition photos.

The free version comes with 2 GB. You can download it free on the iTunes store here.

  • Whitelines Notebook – This notebook has now become one of my favorites. The notebook comes in several different selections. The one I’ve used is the wirebound notebook. When I received my Whitelines notebook, I simply downloaded the free Whitlines app and took a photo of whatever notes I took. The app then removes the whitelines and you’re left with beautiful notes or sketches to share to your dropbox account, PDF, or JPG. It’s really handy if you’ve left your notebook at home or at the office and you need to access what you’ve written down. I’ve gotten really into brush lettering recently and my sketches haven’t bled into other pages with the pens I’ve used so that’s a plus.

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  • Evernote – Starting graduate school, I wanted to research helpful organization apps and evernote came highly rated. Since then, I’ve saved notes from my desktop including a portion of my syllabus! It’s ridiculously easy, free, and comes with some nice frills like editing text attributes (i.e. bolding, highlighting, text color changes, etc.) and also attaching photos, documents, voice notes, and sketch capabilities. I haven’t used any of these latter features, but it’s a nice option that I’d like to explore as my grad school continues. You can upgrade to the premium version if you like for more space and features, but the regular version is free. Check it out here.
  • Curago – This free handy app is a nice way to keep track of my appointments and schedule, along with my spouse’s schedule. I’ve always found it a hassle when it comes to sharing schedules and things like a grocery list with my spouse. My husband and I have tried everything before and finally this one seems to stick. I can see his calendar, schedule, and any lists that we share on the app. I can also input and edit reminders that will go off based off of your needs. You can download it on iTunes here and on Google play here.

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  • Printable Calenders- I love digital organization, but there are times when I need to write things out. One of my favorite freebie calendar printables comes from Sparkles and Sunshine here. If you subscribe you can get some nice freebies as well.
  • Google Drive- I save everything to my Google Drive! I love saving my resumes, employment history, and other helpful information that I don’t want to waste ink on with my printer. You can find a really awesome guest post on how to organize with Google Drive from teacher and financial blogger Diana on a Dime here.
  • DollarTree Notebooks – I tend to spend extra on the items that I feel I will use over a long period of time. Personally, I go through notebooks fairly fast so I opted for some cute ones from the DollarTree!

Health/ Medical

  • Zocdoc – I’ve been using Zocdoc for the past two years and it’s made me so happy! On Zocdoc, you don’t have to worry about calling and scheduling your appointments. You create a free profile and then enter in your insurance information and based on your type of medical need (i.e. optometrist, pediatrician, OBGYN, etc.) the search engine will populate doctors in your area. You can peruse the listings based on ratings and see reviews. The best part is that if you download the app and schedule an appointment on mobile or desktop, it sends you a reminder before your appointment begins via text with the address google or apple maps link so you can drive there!
  • 80 Days To You – This is an physical interactive journal written by a Detroit local focused on yoga, life organization, and personal wellness. I really like it because I find that I always seems to put physical health last on my list, but I need to put it first! This journal can help you refocus your energy towards balancing your life while maintaining the other aspects! You can check out Quartz Queen Yoga’s book on Amazon here.

Meal Prep

  • Pyrex – Every household should have a good pyrex set. Even if you are not great at cooking, these containers can be used for leftovers or anything that needs to be sealed. I use these babies for all of my meal-prepping. This awesome batch of Pyrex will keep you and your family going for awhile!
  • Allrecipes – I like minimizing stress when it comes to cooking. I opt for delicious first, affordable (second), and then convenient (third). Allrecipes makes me able to sift through thousands of recipes and decide whether or not I want to make something.

What are your favorite organization hacks for school, work, and life?

Comment below with your ideas, I always love learning!

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