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19 Creative Ways to Make Money You Haven’t Tried

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In this episode, I interview Andre Albritton, founder of The Millenials Next Door – a personal finance coaching website and blog. Andre discusses the many strategies that he’s used to make money through side hustles. He talks about how he has seen both success and failure in his entrepreneurship journey. But success comes with failure, according to Albritton. And when it comes to entrepreneurship, Andre believes that failure is part of a much bigger picture. According to Andre, “When it comes to starting a side hustle, if you’re not failing, you’re not doing it right.”

When it comes to starting a side hustle, if you're not failing, you're not doing it right. Click To Tweet


Speak at Events

Andre didn’t wait for people to ask him to make money to speak at events. For this creative side hustle, Andre leveraged his social media following to get paying gigs, while also leveraging his connections and networks to book speakers to create an event that he could charge money for tickets. For those interested in becoming a speaker, check out Agent, a website search engine that connects you with conference speaking opportunities. 

Charge Scooters

For this easy side hustle, you can pick up scooters and charge them overnight to make a few bucks. You’ll make money per scooter and the payout is dependent on how many scooters you charge. Of course, the caveat is that you’ll need to be in a large metropolitan city with multiple different scooter companies to really make this profitable. Andre charges scooters for both Lime and Bird and wakes up early to drop them off in the city. You’ll need to check your local area to see if these scooter brands are available for charging in your area. Read this interesting article about charging Bird Scooters here.

Advertise on Your Car

With this side hustle, it’s possible to leverage your mileage and vehicle by utilizing car advertisements. Although there are several scammy companies that do this, there are multiple legitimate companies such as Carvertise, Wrapify, and PayMeforDriving that pay money to drivers for advertisement space. The best applicants will live in larger cities and have a higher amount of mileage to expose more people to the advertisements. While it may not be ideal to have your car wrapped in an advertisement, it wouldn’t hurt your wallet to take a look at the payouts and apply.

Uber and lyft side hustle 

Drive for Uber

Of course Uber and Lyft are still viable side hustle options for people who would rather pick-up and drop people off over advertising on their cars. While I recently visited Washington D.C., I met a man who quit his full-time job working as a six-figure underwriter to make money as an Uber driver simply because of the flexibility and the income opportunities. You’ll have to weigh your options about how much you really enjoy driving, consider how far you are willing to drive each day, and practice a big grin and your customer service skills for this side hustle. 

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Become a Social Media Manager

In the digital age, becoming a Social Media Manager can be very lucrative. Social Media is an increasingly popular way for small businesses to meet new potential audiences and clients. Because of this, the demand is increasing, making this side hustle a profitable endeavor. Latasha James, a freelance digital marketing consultant, found that social media was so lucrative that she started her own agency firm called James and Park. She now teaches other aspiring Social Media Managers through coaching and online courses. You can learn more about becoming a Social Media Manager here. 

VIPKID review

Teach English Online

If you are fluent in English, have at least a Bachelor’s degree, and have confidence in your ability to follow a lesson plan, teaching English online with VIPKid might be for you. You’ll need access to a microphone, a camera, a laptop, and high-speed internet access. You can learn more about the best tips and tricks that pro-VIP Kid Teacher Kat has done to land solid paying gigs as an English teacher in her spare time. Read the full article “How to Make Money with VIPKID” here. This side hustle can be quite lucrative and pay starts at $20 an hour. 

Create DIY Soaps

If you’re the creative type, creating DIY bath bombs, soaps, lotions, and even beard wax might be a great way to explore making some money on the side. Prior to starting to blog, I earned money through selling off melt-and-pour soaps, a simple approach to melting down blocks of soap, adding perfumes or natural essential oils, and then selling the soaps for a profit. Popular soap making experts like founder and CEO of Brambleberry, Anne-Marie Faiol, created and sold soaps and soap making kits into a massive empire. Trust me when I say, once you watch Anne’s videos, you’ll understand why.  

Refurbish Furniture

Another interesting and profitable way to earn some cash is to refurbish worn-out furniture. This is a great side hustle for people who love projects, have a decent amount of space in their garage, and don’t mind getting a little paint and dirt on them. Rob and his wife Melissa have made this part-time side hustle into a fully-fledged business. On their website, Flea Market Flipper, this powerhouse couple discusses how they have made $133,000 by flipping and renovating furniture in their spare time. Not only do they have amazing reveals with their finished furniture, but they also help other potential flea market flippers start their own business with their online course. 

Do Online Surveys

Online surveys are another great way to earn extra income to pay off debt or simply have some extra cash just for fun. While there are many online survey companies out there, my favorite survey site is 2020 Research Panel because of the easy to use interface, high pay-out opportunities (I’ve been paid as much as $200) for relatively easy and low-effort discussions about your opinion through their online research, and easy access gift card payments. For the best paying opportunities, make sure you list out all of the accurate information in your demographic profile to get you matched with different opportunities for making cash. 

Create an Online Course

While creating online courses can be profitable, you’ll want to make sure that you have a good deal of knowledge on a subject before choosing to make a digital product. Having a website, a good social media following, and tons of great authority on the subject can definitely help with sales. Nowadays, online courses can be incredibly lucrative, especially for service-based business owners, who are busy helping their clients but want to help more people in a shorter period of time. So before you decide to make your online course, make sure you ask for some feedback and validate your idea of your course by scoping out the competition. Learn more about how I help online course creators market and launch their course here. 

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Do Voiceover Work

Podcasting, audiobooks, and videos are all powered by voices. That’s why doing voiceover work is becoming a popular option for many aspiring side hustlers. You’ll need access to a good quality microphone, an audio editing software, and a website to house your portfolio. Leveraging social media liked Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube are great ways to showcase your skills with the microphone and make connections. One of my colleagues, Latosha, is a voiceover artist and teaches others to use their voice to shine in the studio and online through one of her online courses on her website Starengu.  

Freelance Graphic Design 

Companies have a heavy lift when it comes to content creation and marketing. From website design, logo artwork, or a rebranding of an entire company, it’s no wonder why people flock to graphic designers for help. That’s why becoming a freelance graphic designer can be a profitable side hustle option for those who are great with design, have an eye for color, and love to connect with other small business owners. My friend owns and operates Bethany Works and freelances with multiple different clients to help people get the word out about their business. 

Edit Podcasts

There is only so much time in the day for podcasters, and editing can take up a whole lot of valuable time. That’s why podcast editors are becoming extremely sought after. You’ll need to have noise-canceling headphones, audio editing software, a quality laptop, and ideally a website to share about your services. For those who would rather learn or be coached by an experienced podcaster, Ray Calloway, actually coaches online entrepreneurs how to create and launch their podcast from start to launch. If you love podcasts, make sure you tune into my show, Earn, Save, Thrive.

Become a Virtual Assistant

What if someone paid you to check their email? That’s one of many tasks that the helpful virtual assistant does! Online entrepreneurs need constant help to build up their business and so virtual assistants can help bridge the gap to gain momentum through scheduling online content, answering emails, organizing calendars, and helping with client organization. Fran Moore, owner and Podcast host of Becoming the Lender, utilizes her podcasting platform to help reach other entrepreneurs through Instagram to build up their business. Clear and consistent communication is key to making sure you meet your client’s needs as a virtual assistant. 


Watch Pets 

If you love Fido, snuggling, and spending time with animals, then Rover might be for you. Rover is an online pet-sitting platform, made for pet owners to find their ideal pet sitter. I found my favorite pet sitter through Rover and interviewed her about her experience with Rover. You can read the full article about this interview in my article How to Make Money with Rover.

If you're not failing you're not doing it right

Freelance Copywriting 

It’s amazing what great copy will do for you. You see great copywriting everywhere including Facebook ads, email marketing campaigns, TV advertisements, and social media captions. That’s why copywriters are in high demand and the need is still increasing. Copywriters need a keen sense of understanding an audience’s problems and needs. Great copywriters are able to create connections with words and emotions and thus build great experiences. As a freelance copywriter, I help online business owners with their marketing campaigns for online courses and digital product releases. You can learn more about my copywriting services here. 

Freelance Photography 

With the influx of Instagram models, influencers, and content creators, photography is the primary visual way that potential consumers meet their brand and business matches. Photography can help build brand awareness, especially to small business owners like coaches, podcast hosts, Youtube Channel creators, Social Media Marketers, and many other online content creators. Marketing experts like Jenna Kutcher transformed her Craigslist camera purchase into a 7 figure business by selling her services as a wedding photographer. 

Iceland Waterfall

Write a Book

People love the thrill of reading stories. I know I do. That’s why I loved reading about traveling to a far off location like Reyjavik, Iceland. My good friend, Danielle Desir did a fantastic job writing about her exotic food selections, glacier adventures, and budget breakdown in her recent travel guide to Iceland entitled Nature, Nurture, and Adventure (A Diary of a Traveling Black Woman: A Guide to International Travel). You can learn more about her adventures and how you can save money for your international trip by reading her recent Amazon book.  The great thing is that self-publishing options through Amazon, make it easier than ever to publish your stories online. 

Sell Digital Products

Digital products can be a great way to help people save money and time. That’s why I love helping other people by creating digital products that can help save time and money in their business by creating canva templates like ebooks, branding guides, and debt payoff planners. While passive income is a great way to reach more people, taking the necessary time to write out helpful instructions, marketing your products, and creating helpful descriptions and images will be an important part of the process.  You can learn more about my easily editable, drag and drop marketing and budgeting templates on my shop website page. 

write a blog

Start a Blog 

And finally, we’re at the last, but certainly not least writing a blog. Blog writing is definitely a great way to earn income working from home. This side hustle is very flexible but takes a considerable amount of legwork and elbow grease to get this online business off the ground. Can you still make money writing a blog? The answer is most definitely yes! My friend, Melissa owns and operates her blog Perfection Hangover and has earned between $1k-2k per month blogging from home!

“For the past 11 years, I’ve been wanting to start blogging but I allowed fear to hold me back until January 2018 when I launched this blog. I’ve only been blogging for a year, and this month alone I earned more than I did the entire first year of blogging!” – Melissa Blevins

For the past 11 years, I’ve been wanting to start blogging but I allowed fear to hold me back until I now make more in a month than I did the entire first year. Melissa Blevins Click To Tweet

Great Websites Need Excellent Hosts

If you’re looking for an easy and supportive way to get started blogging, you’ll need to make sure you have a great host! That’s why I switched over to WPX, they’re one of the best at hosting and support. They migrated over my websites from previous hosts and now I swear that they have saved me hours of work trying to figure everything out.

If you want fast service, knowledgeable staff and resources, and a quick web host, I highly recommend checking out WPX. You can snag up to three website domains, email addresses, and migration support included with the lowest-paid platform. Check out WPX today to start blogging and making money.


With all of the amazing ways to make money, it just goes to show you how easy it is to start up with a side hustle. Think about what your values are and how you can start reviewing your finances to create more income-generating opportunities in the future. Do you have a side hustle? Tell me in the comments below what side hustles you do to make extra money.