Halloween Costume Ideas
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3 Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas That Will Save You Money

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Halloween Costume Ideas

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Early Halloween Memories

I never grew up celebrating Halloween so that means I didn’t really have a large array of expensive Halloween costumes. My parents were very conservative when it came to this particular holiday and instead opted for church-sponsored Fall Festivals. Honestly, I did not even go trick or treating until I was in college!

Needless to say, I felt very much deprived of exploring my creative side when it came to purchasing a costume so ever since I attended college  I’ve tried to mark the occasion with a little creativity on a small budget.

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I really enjoy thrift shopping and I found a perfectly easy way to save money, look fabulous, and have fun making a costume so there was really no loss. 

Here are some of my top 3 Thrifty Halloween Costumes!

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins CostumeThis costume piece was easy to make from a simple thrift store visit, although the bowler hat I did purchase from Amazon. It was under $10 and I used a hot glue gun to glue the main parts of artificial flowers I purchased from the dollar store. This would have easily all cost relatively more in the store if I purchased the items full price. The red ribbon I purchased from Joanne’s and the red bow tie I purchased from Amazon. You can find the exact same bowler hat on Amazon here. 

cheap halloween costume ideas


Modern Fawkes the Phoenix

fawkes costume

If you get to know me, you might find out that I am a BIG Harry Potter fan. I grew to love these books and every year I reread the series. This year I had the pleasure of visiting The London Warner Brother’s Studio Tour! It was amazing and I’m so glad that we did the entire trip DEBT FREE! It was after this life-changing trip that my husband and I started planning to retire early and since that time have been focusing on increasing our investments.

Harry Potter Costume Halloween

I lucked out when going into Plato’s Closet and found a cute lacy red dress with mesh. So I went to Joanne’s Fabrics and purchased 2 red boas and a packet of yellow feathers which I cut to the length of the dress and ungraciously hot-glue gunned the pieces of boa and yellow feathers to my dress. Paired with black pumps, red lipstick, and curls I braced myself in the wind to attend a local Harry Potter-themed event. It was a bit overcrowded but it was nice when people recognized my outfit!

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 Nurse Joy Costume

Cheap Affordable Budget Halloween Costume Ideas

My first memory getting to know my husband was when we were friends in college. We had a great discussion about our spirit Pokemon. I told him I would be a Jigglypuff and he mentioned something about Onyx or Snorlax. It was then I knew that I had never felt so at ease joking about stupid things that he was a special guy for me.

This costume I did purchase through Amazon but found the cheapest deals I could muster.

You can grab the look for my Nurse Joy outfit with my details and description below. 

Cute Dress for hanging out with friends at a Halloween Party (Work Appropriate) https://amzn.to/2ph3RyR

Magical and Sassy Nurse Joy Wig 

They sold out of the exact wig I purchased, but here is one that is roughly the same and has great reviews. https://amzn.to/2VETotl

Cute Pinup style apron https://amzn.to/2VETotl

I felt like it was a cute outfit that was fun to wear and dress up in while hanging out at a friend’s house for dinner. These are all cute outfits that you can change up and play around with the way things look. 

Do you dress up for Halloween? What are you planning on going as this year?

3 Frugal Halloween Costumes That Will Save You Money


  • Daisy

    How creative! I dress up for Halloween sometimes but often I buy ready made ones. The most I’ve DIYed a costume was when I made angel wings. Bought feathers and hotglue gun it to a previous wing costume my kids wore before for Halloween.

    These are great ideas and examples how it can be done more frugally.

    • Melody

      Thanks you! Those wings must have looked really cool! I feel like hot glue guns are awesome and make a lot of crafts way easier. I don’t always dress up every year, but when I do I always try to go thrifting because they really hike up those halloween costumes! Thanks for reading!