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5 Breakthrough Ways to Quit Your Day Job

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If you’re reading this article, you might be thinking about quitting your day job. You might be going through the same routines each and every day. Clock in, meetings, agenda, deadlines, clock out, go home, sleep, repeat. Many employees are increasingly disenchanted with their job. According to a Gallup poll conducted in 2013, about 70% of the American workforce feel disengaged and are mentally “clocked out” of their job. This leads to a loss of passion and restlessness. I interviewed Ryan Redoute, a self-made entrepreneur in Detroit to understand how he started his business and quit his day job.

According to a Gallup poll conducted in 2013, about 70% of the American workforce feel disengaged and are mentally “clocked out” of their job Click To Tweet

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Find Your Passion

Ryan and I met at New Order Coffee, a comfortable nook in Detroit’s trendy Midtown area at a workshop delivered by both he and Latasha James. After talking about his backstory, I knew I had to understand how he came to be in his current role. Ryan, owner of Dynamo and self-proclaimed Chai Tea lover, said he found his passion in college. He was drawn to photography and considered going into videography or graphic design. Over time, his interests changed and he began to pursue a career in social media management and digital marketing. After sending a quick email to AEG Live, a local entertainment company, he landed a job as an intern and began working on their social media and engaging with the organization’s clientele base. He continued by saying that many people don’t explore the opportunities right in front of them because they are simply too afraid to ask.

“If you want something, just ask.”

Pursue Your Passion

Once you set your eyes on a goal, continue to pursue your passion, no matter what. Ryan continued to grow his passion by saying yes to the opportunities around him. In each position, he grew in his responsibilities. From his beginnings working with his college’s performing arts center and AEG, he was able to leverage his experience with Google Analytics, Facebook, and Instagram to land a job in Chicago. He began to realize this his passion was far bigger than his day job. After landing a new job at General Motors, he purchased his LLC only 5 months into the new role.

Grow Your Business before your Quit

Before even growing your business, seek to understand the industry. What are the needs for your niche market? Are they short on time, money, or in need of a specific skillset? For Ryan, each new position was an exploration of additional responsibilities and refining of skills to fill the needs of the industry. For the entrepreneur, learning is key. Take an online course, attend workshops, gain additional certifications to help you better grow your knowledge and marketability. As you begin to refine your passions, seek to work with others who are like-minded and want to expand their business. Ryan teamed up with Content Curator and Social Media Strategist, Latasha James to work on building their influencer brands on Instagram and Youtube. Together, they hosted their first digital marketing workshop in January 2019, where they supported local Detroit based entrepreneurs find their voice.

grow your small businessThe Importance of the Pitch

Just as Ryan and Latasha did, continue to market your skills in your area to land paying clients. As you grow in experience, your pricing for new clients should match your skillset while maintaining competitive rates within your local area. If this seems foreign, don’t fret. Remember that growing a business takes patience and persistence. Ryan grew up in a household where entrepreneurship was common. His father owns a business and he’s helped his family with some marketing and in other capacities. Ryan mentioned that one of the best investments he’s made was a good laptop. When meeting with potential clients, he expressed how important it is to dress and look the part. For Ryan, the place where he lands his clients is the coffee shop.

exit strategy for quitting your job

Have an Exit Plan

Planning on leaving your current job? Have an exit plan by making sure you’ve covered your bases. First, consider what changes you would need to make to cover your expenses. If you decide to break into your business full time, make sure that your pricing accounts for overhead expenses such as marketing costs, taxes, and transaction fees. Ryan continued to work full-time while maintaining clients. As his clientele base grew, he realized that he was not able to expand his business while maintaining his 9-5 job. So he began to save 6 months worth of expenses and set a deadline. Through a review of his monthly expenses, he set a value on his free time and made sure he included entertainment.

Ryan went on to say that many people try to budget just for the bare essentials, but forget that putting money aside for fun is just as important.

Once he achieved this goal, he gave his notice to his company and began to work full-time as the owner of Dynamo. His savings gave him permission to start his business and quit his job.

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Consider Alternatives

Finally, you might want to look into different opportunities with your company. Perhaps switching your position to a different department or negotiating a pay raise could help ease the strain of your current position. Consider what exactly is bothering you about your position, maybe it’s a coworker, boss, or company policy. Analyze your attitude to consider what you could change within your control to help you throughout your day. Find ways to alleviate stress by going on intermittent breaks. Practice mindfulness, exercise, and extracurricular activities that help you decrease stress and strategize your next move. Thinking about quitting your job is a tough decision. Ultimately, you have to make the right turn for you and your family. 

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Remember that entrepreneurship is an amazing journey. Each step you take is an adventure. With time, expertise, and commitment you can continue to pursue your dreams. Quitting your day job might sound like a pipe dream, but with strategy, focus, and determination – you can make that dream a reality. 

You can find Ryan’s business website here at Dynamo. Ryan can be found walking around the downtown Detroit area, being awesome. Check out the latest video about the local Detroit workshop for creatives entrepreneurs here.

You can find Ryan on the following sites.

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5 Breakthrough ways to quite your day job