Eat Healthy On A Budget

9 Certified Ways To Eat Healthy That You Need to Know

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In this episode, I talk with Certified Personal Trainer and Coach Tangia Renee. Tangia juggles multiple businesses and podcasts and so finding time to prioritize her health and fitness has been an incredible journey. She talks not only about her struggles with finding time to “do it all” but also about why she wants women to break up with the scale and stop with yo-yo dieting. In her professional career, she’s done everything from working in politics to professional bodybuilding. This woman has incredible tips to maintain a positive mindset about your body, create sustainable living habits, and eat healthy on a budget.

Prioritize Your Health

Finding ways to eat more healthy and meal prep may mean giving up on trying to accomplish too many things at once. Tangia says that she has to focus on giving her best and sometimes that means letting go of unnecessary time sucks. This way she is able to get her time to go to the gym and spend time with family. She says she spends less time on email or social media to make her health a priority. Prioritizing your health may look different for other people that’s why it’s important to consider your lifestyle and schedule to make health a common theme in your life. 

Let Go of Perfection 

Tangia says that as a previous bodybuilder, she had to let go of aspects of perfection that many in the industry fall prey to. In her personal life, she’s had a difficult relationship with food and having a positive body image. In her podcast, “The Skin You’re In,” Tangia removes the stigma of talking about food, dieting, and exercise. According to Tangia, “There’s no perfect formula, there’s no five-step plan.” She goes on to say that you have to learn how to let go of perfection and give yourself grace and understand that sometimes you won’t be able to the gym. 

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Focus on One Meal

Tangia says that meal planning can be both effective in terms of budgeting financially, but also overwhelming if you’re just starting out. She says that the best to go about your meal planning and prep time is to focus on one meal at a time. She continues by explaining that meal prep is a skill that has to be developed so being realistic with yourself is important. One great tip I learned from our conversation was that focusing on one healthy meal and prepping for that meal three times a week is much more satisfying than creating an entire week of planning out meals. 


Figure Out Your Commitment Level

During the holidays it can be easy to underestimate the amount of time it can take to meal prep for parties. Looking at your schedule is something that Tangia advocates for before determining your meal prep commitment. A common thing that Tangia sees is that people will “bite off more than they can chew” in more than one sense of the phrase. She says to pick one meal like breakfast, lunch, or dinner and prepare three of these meals for the week. This will be different for each person, but a more realistic approach than trying to create complicated recipes in under one day.  This is one of her best hacks to eat healthy on a budget.

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Give Yourself Grace

I absolutely loved talking with Tangia about how to give yourself grace when meal prepping and eating healthy. She talked a lot about letting go of feeling guilty when you’ve eaten something you feel you shouldn’t have and how it’s important to remember that you’re human. I loved seeing her passion for helping others create meaning and wholeness in their life not simply by the pounds listed on your scale or by the calories you eat every day. 

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Don’t Try To Eat Healthy All at Once

Just like with budgeting you probably won’t save $1,000 in under a day, it’s unrealistic to believe that you’ll meal prep for an entire week unless you’re used to it. While Tangia can quickly whip up an amazing food selection, she says that it’s taken her years of habit building to get there. Her love for creating food on a budget is something that she’s been able to learn and only time and patience will pay off in the end. When I started meal prepping, I used to try to pin every mouth-watering recipe I found on Pinterest. But I finally started to realize that cooking a four-hour recipe in one hour on a weekend was unrealistic. Time management may be a goal, but creating difficult chores with your meal prep is something you should let go of. 

Evaluate How Things Are Working

Tangia says that once you’ve chosen one meal to focus on and you’ve identified a realistic timeframe for cooking and meal prep, you’ll need to see how things are actually working. Evaluating is something that many people don’t take time to do, but it’s an important element that Tangia believes will pay off in the long run. If you believe that things are going well, you can continue your approach to your eating habits. But of course, you can always modify your schedule or routine to your food selections and cooking habits. Thankfully, nothing is completely set in stone. 

Remove Moral Judgements About Food

“Buy the shoes, eat the cake,” is something that I mentioned to Tangia before we started the episode. She laughed and I was pleasantly surprised that she agreed. One thing she says is that women feel guilty about eating calorie heavy or sugary foods. She says that eating foods isn’t good or bad and that women should let go of the fear of not eating healthy and focus more on their health goals. If the goal is to feel better about yourself and eating less of something or more of something – it’s not about the right kinds of foods or the wrong kind of foods, but all about the way you are perceiving your actions and how they play into your health goals. She says going to the gym and eating healthy foods throughout the year helps her let go of that type of food anxiety so she can focus more on giving her all in her life and career.

Set A Meeting With Yourself

As I finished out this episode, Tangia shared with me how she is aggressive about the way she spends her time. I mentioned to her that setting a meeting with yourself can help you prioritize your health and using that time to go to the gym is something I am striving for in my life. She agreed and pointed out that we are all busy and finding the best ways to go about our health is different for each person. She also shared that finding ways to have healthy conversations about the way we look at our bodies is important which is how she started her podcast. And if you’re looking for ways to eat more healthy on a budget, make sure to check out her free ebook!