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    Side Hustle

    Episode 21: 5 Fascinating Reasons You Should Consider Freelance Writing

    In this episode, I interview Gee Nonterah, who has a PhD in Biology and replaced her income through freelance healthcare writing. She says that her degree, while helpful, wasn’t the only success factor in her building up her business. She attributes networking, Linkedin, and even Craigslist as a way to book her clients and also start getting her name out there.  Earn Extra Income by Freelance Writing Gee mentioned that she didn’t expect to make as much money as she did when she first started freelance writing. After booking her first gig doing social media work, she found out that she could increase her income while still working her day…

  • Eat Healthy On A Budget

    9 Certified Ways To Eat Healthy That You Need to Know

    In this episode, I talk with Certified Personal Trainer and Coach Tangia Renee. Tangia juggles multiple businesses and podcasts and so finding time to prioritize her health and fitness has been an incredible journey. She talks not only about her struggles with finding time to “do it all” but also about why she wants women to break up with the scale and stop with yo-yo dieting. In her professional career, she’s done everything from working in politics to professional bodybuilding. This woman has incredible tips to maintain a positive mindset about your body, create sustainable living habits, and eat healthy on a budget. Prioritize Your Health Finding ways to eat…

  • Mentorship

    The Power of Mentorship and How to Build Authority

    In this episode, I interview Personal Finance Writer Asia Martin. Asia found the power of mentorship impactful in her career. She invested in formal and informal programs to help her level up in her knowledge and confidence. She says that she values family, mentorship, and equity and invests money and time into those values. In the next few paragraphs, I’m going to share with you how she landed a job at a major publishing company including Forbes and how you can build authority in your niche to do the same.  Build experience Asia didn’t always have a ton of experience in her field. She says that she built her experience…