• Eat Healthy On A Budget

    9 Certified Ways To Eat Healthy That You Need to Know

    In this episode, I talk with Certified Personal Trainer and Coach Tangia Renee. Tangia juggles multiple businesses and podcasts and so finding time to prioritize her health and fitness has been an incredible journey. She talks not only about her struggles with finding time to “do it all” but also about why she wants women to break up with the scale and stop with yo-yo dieting. In her professional career, she’s done everything from working in politics to professional bodybuilding. This woman has incredible tips to maintain a positive mindset about your body, create sustainable living habits, and eat healthy on a budget. Prioritize Your Health Finding ways to eat…

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    5 Cheap and Easy Recipes

    I love great food, but I don’t like to spend lots of money or time creating elaborate dishes. These cheap and easy recipes are dishes I make under 20 minutes with minimal cooking. I make my lunches or dinner either the night before or right before work. These are great when you are pinched for time on a hot summer day.  All of these recipes are used with ingredients from Aldi, my favorite place to shop.  Saving money on food was one of the biggest ways I was able to pay off my student loans! 5 Cheap & Easy Recipes Related Article: How I Save Money Shopping At Aldi Strawberry…

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    How to Save Money Shopping at Aldi

    How to Save Money Shopping at Aldi I’m always amazed at how easy it is to spend money on food. Coffee and fast food tend to be my weakness, so I have to plan my grocery purchases carefully so that I can afford to pay for my international adoption and my graduate school out of pocket. You can read more about my adoption here. According to MoneyTalkNews, the average monthly cost for groceries is about $302. So, how can you save money and still keep your sanity meal-prepping? Enter, Aldi. If you have a financial goal like me, you want a way to make your life simpler and save money in…