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Episode 21: 5 Fascinating Reasons You Should Consider Freelance Writing

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In this episode, I interview Gee Nonterah, who has a PhD in Biology and replaced her income through freelance healthcare writing. She says that her degree, while helpful, wasn’t the only success factor in her building up her business. She attributes networking, Linkedin, and even Craigslist as a way to book her clients and also start getting her name out there. 

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Earn Extra Income by Freelance Writing

Gee mentioned that she didn’t expect to make as much money as she did when she first started freelance writing. After booking her first gig doing social media work, she found out that she could increase her income while still working her day job. After a few months, she had $1,200 extra coming into her bank account all while still working full-time. She then, transitioned to freelance healthcare writing. She says that you don’t always have to think of writing as only “blog writing” because you can still earn money writing captions for social media, writing professional product descriptions, or writing marketing content for businesses.

Use Your Professional Experience

Gee’s background is incredible! I don’t know many people that have a PhD! Gee talks honestly about her career and how she’s used her experience to help other healthcare businesses create online content. In the past, I’ve worked with personal finance websites and written a few personal finance ghostwriting and freelance copywriting articles which worked well with my education and mortgage lending background. Think hard about the experiences you’ve had with your career and see how you can leverage it to build up a solid side income.

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Learn New Skills 

Gee didn’t always know how to create an income through freelance writing. She learned how to create an income through trial and error. She says, “I don’t want people to think my degree has everything to do with my success, anyone can do it.” And the truth is that success is not an overnight occurence, you have to work and learn something new to actually create a meaningful career or side hustle no matter what. Marketing your business, filing your taxes, and operating a business will take time, patience, and a lot of hard work. That’s why I completely agree with Gee on this one!

Success is not an overnight occurence, you have to work and learn something new to actually create a meaningful career or side hustle no matter what. Click To Tweet

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Connect With Interesting Clients

Gee says her first gig was from an ad on Craigslist! Her husband suggested that she look for a part time job and she found some interesting jobs on Craigslist and applied. She enjoyed working with her first client and then starting getting word-of-mouth referrals. This led to her meeting new people to connect with and she started expanding her business to include other services. I personally love using Upwork. Upwork platform will take a percentage of your paychecks, however it’s a great way to find freelancing work and once you start building up your experience, you’ll find work can start finding you!

Build A Business in Your Spare Time

Lastly, side hustles like freelance writing or social media management definitely take time, but you can easily start a side hustle without committing to transitioning to it full-time. Before I quit my job, I had a solid savings strategy in place and I made sure I was ready with my spouse to take the leap. Even if you’re busy, there are plenty of ways you can create an income just with a few ideas.

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