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Get These Entrepreneur Tech Hacks

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This post contains affiliate links, meaning that at no additional cost to you, I receive a small commission if you purchase through one of the websites below. I personally stand by the quality of these websites and never post something I don’t believe works.

So maybe you’re an entrepreneur like me and don’t want to waste your time trying to figure out the best tech for the trade.

Believe me when I say that as a young entrepreneur, I’ve spent weeks and endless hours staring blankly at my laptop.

Here are ten hacks for making the dough without breaking your budget.

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To save you the time, coffee, and headache, here are several tools to keep you sane.

Ten Hacks for the Non-Technical Entrepreneur

  1. Save money with HostGator. Trust me when I say you are saving hundreds when you use HostGator as your website host.entrepreneur web hosting

  2. Nowadays, you’ve got to protect your passion with a privacy policy, disclaimer, and so much more. Use TermsFeed to easily customize these wordy requirements and pop them on your website.
    Create your Terms and Conditions agreement

  3. If you are a service-based business or need to hire a contractor to help design your blog, LegalForms provides affordable downloadable contracts which help to protect your business and clearly outline your biz relationship.

    Copyright Forms

  4. Nail your copy with Grammarly. This extension can easily be added to your Google Chrome to correct your grammar.

  5. Take your imaginary website paintbrush and use Duda. Duda makes impressive websites fast and is easy to use. Check out my website made with Duda below!

  6. Make money by signing up for ShareASale by linking up affiliate ads.

  7. Schedule your Instagram and Pinterest posts via Tailwind.  Take the stress out of posting by using my social media planner.

  8. Post your online course via Thinkific. The perk of Thinkific offers an appealing built-in landing page and is easy to use when uploading content. Trust me when I say this, not all platforms allow you to make a sale without paying for a subscription!

  9. Canva is one of my favorite easy-peasy sites that gives you time back in your day by creating quality graphics for multiple social media platforms.

  10. MailChimp is an email building platform that helps track subscriptions, promote your products, and builds your brand. It’s easy to learn and easily integrates into the WordPress platform.

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What tools of the trade do you use to build your business?

Comment below!