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How to Lose Weight on Keto – Does it Really Work?

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What is the kETOgenic diet?

A ketogenic diet consists of high fat and low carb ingredients. Ketogenic, refers to the metabolic process known as “ketosis” in which the body processes fats and protein which leads to an increase in weight loss after a short period of time. This dietary restriction on reduced sugar and carbohydrates was originally created to decrease epileptic seizures for patients, however when “ketosis” occurred it was deemed as a side effect. Now many people use this diet as a short term weight loss plan and many are able to lose a considerable amount of weight while on the plan.

dOES KETO Really Work?

Over a year ago, my husband and I were working full time. I was fortunate to work at an amazing work setting that gave out free snacks, slurpees, and was dangerously close to a Starbucks. Needless to say, I spent way too many dollars at Starbucks and of course my weight steadily increased. I’ve always tried a diet here and there, but nothing really stuck. I’m one of those people that will set a New Year’s resolution and then suddenly fall of the band wagon. I’ve probably been on one to two diets a year and have never truly seen much progress. This last month, my husband and I tried Keto, as a way to kickstart our metabolism and think about the types of food we ate. I thought I would quit, but honestly, this has been one of the best diets I’ve been on so far! If you’ve been wondering whether or not you can lose weight, I would highly recommend considering the Keto diet. I’ve lost 7 pounds in the span of only 2 weeks.

Benefits of keto

One of the benefits of Keto is that it isn’t calorie restrictive. You also won’t feel hungry all of time. I’m a big snacker and this was my problem when trying to calorie count or even watch my portion sizes. I would always get hungry in the afternoon and break my diet. Because you are eating food that is high in fat, your body takes longer to process these types of food than it would simple carbohydrates. The benefit in this scenario is that you can pack healthy snacks and stop feeling so hungry all of the time while you are losing weight!

avocado keto snack

What can you eat on keto?

A lot of people have asked me what you can eat on the Keto diet. Although there are several different types of the Keto diet, the diet I am currently on is a strict low carb and no sugar diet. I am able to eat most dairy products, meat, fish, and most vegetables. Some of the best things that I love to eat include eggs and bacon, grilled chicken and salad, along with salmon and cauliflower rice. I’ve cut out much of the sugar and have tossed out products that are high in sugar or added sugar and have found my body feels much more energetic and less cranky in the afternoons. I’ve compiled a visual representation of what kinds of foods are beneficial for the Keto diet along with foods you should avoid.

Keto approved foods

does keto make you sick?

There is often a misconception about Keto making you sick. Some refer to symptoms such as nasuea, diarrhea, and fatigue as “keto flu.” Thankfully, after nearly three weeks on the Keto diet, I have not experienced one day of this type of discomfort. I believe this is largely because many people feel that high fatty foods is all they should eat on this type of diet. However, a healthy dose of fiber should be considered in your diet to keep your body processing properly. I love eating walnuts, almonds, almond milk, lettuce, spinach, celery, and asparagus to keep my body feeling strong. I also find that eating these type of high fiber foods instead of cookies, cupcakes, cakes, and other bread-like sweets helps me to stick to my diet. Here are some more examples of high fiber foods you can incorporate in your diet.

Keto fiber foods

FOODS to avoid on keto

It’s fairly simple to reduce carbs, but it’s suprising how carbs and sugar can hide in other types of foods such bananas, potatoes, yogurt, and peanut butter. We’ve since switched to using almond butter with low sugar and have found that many cheaper nut butters contained a lot of added sugars including honey, cane sugar, or other types of sugars. We also found that most yogurts have a ton of sugars as well, many over 10 grams! That’s a lot of sugar and honestly, I feel better now that I’ve kicked my sugar addiction to the curb.


Keto Almond Butter
Our favorite low sugar almond butters are Maranatha and Barney. I found these at Walmart, but they are at most large grocery stores.


I love shopping at ALDI, and to be honest I would have to say ALDI is one of the most budget friendly places to shop. Thankfully, a majority of my Keto approved foods can be easily found at ALDI including nuts, chicken, turkey bacon, salmon, avacados, asparagus, broccoli, olive oil, butter, almond milk, broccoli, caulifower, and cauliflower rice. Unfortunately, I found that some specialty foods that I wanted to be low in sugar I had to purchase at another grocery store, these included low sugar yogurt and low sugar almond butter. Although our grocery bill has gone up since we have started our diet, I’ve noticed we’ve been eating out less. This diet is only temporary, so I feel as though a drop in weight along with outfit size has made me more confident, energetic, and healther. In this case, even though a Keto diet isn’t entirely inexpensive, the overall value of health is definitely beneficial.


Overall, I’d say that Keto is a very effective diet in terms of weight loss. I don’t think it is entirely sustainable since a lack of all carbohydrates or very little carbs will lead to a decrease in the ability to sustain high intensity workouts and strenuous activities. For those who have diabetes, this is not a beneficial diet due to the lack of processing glucose levels. In addition, for those who are vegan or vegetarian, this diet may not be the best fit due to the high amount of meats, dairy, and other animal products used. For me personally, I’ve lost some weight and gained some confidence, even for those little things, I feel happy to see how I can maintain a healthier lifestyle after we conclude our diet. Read more about Keto diets on WebMD.

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  • Ariel Shanelle

    There are many people who have found success by switching over to the Keto diet. However, I think it’s only beneficial for someone who is trying to lose weight. It would definitely be something to consider if you wanted to shed some pounds.

    • Melody

      Hi Ariel, I completely understand! This diet is great for a short term weight loss goal and not a long term diet. Great point!