How to make money with Rover
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How To Make Money With Rover

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Vacations and holidays are often filled with family and excursions that aren’t always pet-friendly. So what happens when accommodations aren’t available for your sweet furry friend? I found myself in this situation when my husband and I could not find affordable dog boarding for our last vacation. Luckily, I found an app called Rover, which helps you make money and save money finding a pet sitter.

What is Rover?

Rover is a website and app-based platform that connects dog owners with local pet sitters. Picture it as an Airbnb for pets. There are plenty of different kinds of services offered by Rover sitters including drop-in visits, walks, boarding, and home care. Each sitter is reviewed for their services and has a brief biography of their specialties.

Rover App

Here’s how it works for customers:

  • Download the Rover app
  • Enter in your pet information including name, breed, age, allergies, and vet information.
  • Upload an optional picture of your sweet pet with a brief biography.
  • Enter in the dates of service needed.
  • Select a Rover sitter based on reviews!
  • Finally, send a request for the type of service needed and any notes.
  • Once the sitter accepts, you can enter in payment information and the amount will be held until after the service and reviews are completed.

The app will send you a text if the sitter accepts and any following messages.

Our sitter Tori was amazing, professional, and considerate. She even offered to do a check-in visit for free before our trip just to meet our dog. On top of that, she asked if we needed any packages brought in or if our dog had medical conditions that she needed to be aware of.

How do you become a sitter?

Dogsit with Rover
Check out Tori’s awesome account on Instagram!

Meet Tori.

Tori was so awesome as a sitter, I wanted to get to know how she started with Rover.

Tori: I first used Rover for my own dog in 2016 when I was going away for a long weekend. I felt more comfortable leaving him with a loving family in a home rather than a kennel, and I could tell he had a good stay.

According to Tori, the application process was quite simple which involved listing prior pet sitting experience and a background check.

Tori: The application process for Rover was completely free, unlike Rover’s competitor – Wag. The Wag application process was much longer and included more references, online training, and a $30 application fee. I haven’t received a wag request as much as Rover requests.

Use Tori’s exclusive link for signing up to be a sitter!

Sign-up with Tori’s code: http://sit.rover.com/nGVs9

How to Make Money with Rover

Is this job flexible?

Yes! Tori works full-time and only works as a sitter on the weekends. She loves the experiences with Rover, meeting new people, and spending more time with furry friends.

Not only does Rover provide the flexibility in time, but sitters also have the ability to describe the preferences in the types of pets and services they offer. For example, a sitter can describe the types of breeds, ages, or sizes that they feel most comfortable with. These descriptions will help you find the ideal types of clients and pets you want to work with.

How do you get paid?

All payment is linked with the Rover app so no physical money is exchanged. As a sitter, once you complete a Rover assignment, you can enter in the details of the service into the app which includes check in and check-out times, photos, applicable pee or poop breaks, feeding information, and any applicable notes.

After the customer reviews this information, they are asked to review your service. Once this step is completed, the payment will be processed and submitted to you via debit or credit card.

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Best Practices for Rover Sitters

If you love animals and are great at communicating with others, Rover is a great way to make some extra money.

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you stand out as a Rover Sitter!

  •       Take the time to read the training tips and advice from Rover.
  •       Earn badges by taking the quizzes on Rover; it will help your search rankings increase.
  •       Send your customer photos of their pet while their away.
  •       Meet your customer’s pet beforehand.
  •       Ask for details like allergies, medical information, and how to secure the customer’s home.
  •       Share dog sitting photos of you and cute dogs on social media.
  •       Ask for referrals, word of mouth is great publicity!

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Best Practices Rover Sitters
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Rover is a perfect solution for dog and cat lovers. If you feel comfortable meeting new pets and communicating to their owners, Rover might be a good fit for you. Tori was able to expand her business Detroit Dog City as a featured sitter by Rover and become one of the top Rover dog sitters within the Metro Detroit area.

If you enjoyed learning about Tori and her services, use this special offer for ANY walker for ANY area with Tori’s exclusive discount code for the Rover app.

Special Discount Code: DETROITDOG20 for $20 off dog sitting or dog walks

Tori can be reached with any service questions at detroitdogcity@ gmail.com.

Visit her profile at www.rover.com/toric6

Join the pack and follow Tori on Instagram @Detroitdogcity