How to Save Money Shopping at Aldi

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How to Save Money Shopping at Aldi

I’m always amazed at how easy it is to spend money on food. Coffee and fast food tend to be my weakness, so I have to plan my grocery purchases carefully so that I can afford to pay for my international adoption and my graduate school out of pocket. You can read more about my adoption here. According to MoneyTalkNews, the average monthly cost for groceries is about $302. So, how can you save money and still keep your sanity meal-prepping? Enter, Aldi.

If you have a financial goal like me, you want a way to make your life simpler and save money in the process. Check out my article on saving $1,000 here. In my opinion, Aldi, is the perfect combination of easy and affordable.

When I think of meal prep, it’s about as appealing to me as trying to fit my winter-body into a summer bikini- frustrating and lack-luster. Between my full-time job, applying for an adoption, preparing for graduate school, and my side hustle I have little time to prepare for my week, let alone try to concoct some elaborate dish with 21 ingredients, 2 of which aren’t even sold in normal stores. Comment at the end of my article, if you agree!

Here are 5 ways to save money at Aldi.

  1. Make sure you check your fridge and pantry BEFORE you shop.  [Can’t tell you how many times, I’ve accidentally bought two or three of the same ingredient, just because I didn’t check!]
  2. Opt for simple ingredients for meals. (Simple, doesn’t mean tasteless or time-consuming either!) Our go-to items to purchase are Sea Queens’s Wild Caught Salmon and Kirkwood Chicken Breasts. These items are cheaper to buy in bulk and can provide a lot of variety.
  3. Purchase fresh fruit as a snack or dessert ingredient. We pretty much buy bananas, strawberries, and one other type of fruit each week. This week is was a mango! Fruit is naturally sweet, packed with Vitamins and can be made into smoothies, ice-cream, pies or eaten by itself. Check out my smoothie below!
  4. Think about any days that you will need less or more food. Are you going to have a lunch provided at work one day? Are you having lunch with your mom, sister, or friend and don’t need to purchase that meal? That means you won’t have to buy the regular meal you would have purchased.
  5. Buy lunch options that will last longer (i.e. purchased in bulk) OR purchase individual items that are less than $4. I personally love Whole and Simple. The meals are delicious, convenient, and affordable. My favorite is their Southwestern Style Chicken Quinoa.

Most importantly, having on groceries doesn’t have to mean that you starve or give up on delicious food.

If you need more meal inspiration, check out my Meal-Prep Board on Pinterest.

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My favorite budget meal on the go.

Here are a few recipe ideas


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