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How to Use Google Drive to Organize Your Life

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Guest post by Diana on a Dime


I’ll be the first to admit that as a millennial, I don’t typically jump on the technology bandwagon. I typically get super overwhelmed by it all and have a large learning curve with most technology. However, finding Google Drive has been amazing to organize all aspects of my life.

I will say that I first found Google Drive through teaching. My school “went Google” about 2 years ago and we were trained and required to use the whole system. Honestly, I was dreading it, at first. But, now that I have used it for a bit, I have actually moved on to using it in my personal life as well. Did I mention they also have apps to put on your phone so you’re always connected, if needed? Yeah, it took time, but I was sold.  


Let’s start with something that most people have experience with and is required to utilize Google Drive. Gmail is so easy to use, I really can’t speak highly enough of the platform. It is so straightforward, it’s free to create an email, and it comes with the wonderful world of Google Drive with it. All you need to do is go to a Google browser and click the “sign in” button in the upper right hand corner. Then, you can choose to create a new account. After following the prompts, you will have your very own Google account with all the wonderful features!

Google Drive

This is where a lot of people, including myself, get totally and completely overwhelmed by Google, but I promise you, it’s worth it. The Drive space is arguably my favorite part of the whole system, which was not always the case. Drive is where you can store your docs (basically Microsoft Word), files (like PDFs), sheets (think Microsoft Excel), etc. It’s an incredible space to store everything.

Recently, I have been on a kick to declutter, especially my paper. I hated seeing the bulky files and needing to file them within the system I had created. It just took up way too much space. I now keep everything in Drive. I scan all the papers I receive and organize them into the correct files in my Drive. Another thing I used to use to manage my student loans was my student loan binder, now it’s all in my Drive. Also, I can use Sheets to create and manage my budget and access it from my Drive.

Google Calendar

This was huge for me. I have been a planner girl since my high school days. Without my planner, I was completely and totally lost. I needed to be able to open it up and check to see what was going on in my week simply by seeing the different color coded tasks and events. I made the leap to Google Calendar when I was trying to find ways to cut down my expenses and I probably will never go back to a planner now.

With Google Calendar you can color code, set reminders, set goals, and you can even schedule events with people or share your entire calendar with people. This is incredibly helpful when someone else needs to see your schedule, like a significant other. For me, this is a much more powerful tool, and it’s free.

There are plenty of other parts to Google Drive, but for someone that is curious about venturing into the Google world, these are the places to start. These features are the ones that I personally use the most to keep me organized in my day to day life. How have you used Google to keep yourself organized?



Diana is a teacher by day and a personal finance blogger by night. She has paid off $100k in student loans in 3 years and has a passion to help millenials reach their financial goals by saving money, making money, paying off debt, and building wealth.