My Favorite Gifts for Women under Twenty Dollars

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With the holidays around the corner, it can be easy to get on a spending spree without considering your wallet. I normally try to budget about $25 per family member that I will be gifting. My extended family on my husband’s side recently started secret santa by couple to save money on having to do presents for everyone. These are some of my favorite gifts for women and are all products I’ve personally purchased.

Bloom Planner for the busy bee

I love my Bloom Planner. I bought a Bloom Planner for 2017-2018 because I wanted a way to organize my life, school, business, and social engagements. What I liked about this planner besides the pretty design, was that there were plenty of places to write notes. The front of the planner even comes with annual vision and goal setting for your mental and physical wellbeing. Before the weekly schedule begins, you can write out your schedule in a monthly calendar. There is also some inspiring quotes to keep you motivated each week. This month, I purchased my mom’s birthday present for only $9.99, although all of their original planners are less than $17. Here’s the present I purchased for my mom. Here’s the cute planner I use to keep me motivated and organized.

Bloom Calendar Review

Plush Fox Slippers for the comfort queen

These slippers keep my feet warm and cozy. It gets really cold on my hardwood floors especially during the brutal Michigan winter. They are probably my most favorite slippers I’ve every purchased over the last 3 years since I’ve lived in the Midwest. And I’ve gone through a lot of slippers. I mean a lot. I actually lost a pair and then bought these again because they are SO comfortable. You can pick different animal slippers besides foxes like bears, bunnies, and dogs. I’m partial to the fox, though! Check out these snuggle ready plush fox slippers.

Plush Fox Slippers for Christmas

Sea Green Headband for the athletic one

I’m not normally the athletic type, but my husband is an ultra marathon runner and so he will often invite me to run in less than 30 degree weather. This Skida headband along with the Skida Neckwarmer have kept me nice and warm during the frigid temperatures while still looking great. This sea green headband also won’t slide and so would also be great for keeping your hair in place for yoga, pilates, and hiking.

Skida Headband see Grass


Passport and money organizer for the free spirit

Pete and I love to travel. Earlier this year, we went to London, Paris, and Reykjavik. It was a fun time. Although Pete and I love to explore, we often find that we can often be disorganized and forgetful with our belongings. So we decided to purchase a passport holder to keep our airline tickets, passports, and foreign currency all in one place. This was so much easier than leaving it in our pockets and actually much safer because Pete could put it in his inside jacket pocket away from pick-pockets. You can see this awesome passport holder here.

Passport holder and organizer

Exploding Kittens Card Game for family fun

My husband and I like to play card games. It is generally a cheap date option when we don’t want to go out to see a movie. Exploding kittens is one of my favorites when it comes to game night. I like that it can be played by two players but can be played by as many was as five. Plus, the cards are really funny. My favorite is probably the Taco cat card. Basically, the premise of the game is to make pairs of cat cards while avoiding drawing an “exploding kitten” card. If you draw this card, you can defuse the card with a special card or your turn is over and you withdraw from the game. It’s easy to learn and the game can last about 20 -30 minutes so even if you aren’t a big game player you can do one to two rounds quickly. You can see more about exploding kittens here.

exploding kittens card game


The holiday season can be filled with laughter and cheer. When it comes to your holiday shopping, remember that things can be bought and forgotten, but memories and love are the things that really matter. How do you save money for Christmas? Leave a comment below!

my favorite gifts for women under $20
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