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Hello, My name is Melody. I’m a Financial Strategist, Podcast host of Earn, Save, Thrive, and Freelance Course Consultant. And I am passionate about helping you ditch debt, build wealth, and live the life you’ve always wanted to. After paying off  $65k in student loans, I’ve coached many people on how to build their savings, credit, and their side hustles. 

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I love connecting with other like-minded individuals that are passionate about living life on their terms. I share helpful tips, inspirational posts, and content on my social media and I’d love you to join. 

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Stop surviving and start thriving with a side hustle

I’ve compiled a list of my most popular blog posts and resources to help you build your budget, start saving for fun things, and enjoy the day-to-day life you’ve always dreamed about. 

I’m looking for help paying off debt

If you’re looking for ways to pay off your debt and get Sallie Mae to stop those pesky calls, these resources were created to help maximize the time spent while paying off your debt. 

How I Paid Off over $65K in Student Loans

How to Payoff Your Student Loans Fast

How to Pay off Your Credit Card Debt Faster

How to qualify for student loan forgiveness programs

Your Sunny Money Method Budgeting Course Review

I’m looking for ways to make more money

I’ve always looked for ways to bring more money and side hustles are a great way to start. If you’re working full-time, there are many ways that you can earn some extra cash. If you’re a full-time entrepreneur, you can always learn new and interesting ways to capitalize on making extra dollars with your time. 

Which side hustle should you start?

19 Creative Ways to Make Money You Haven’t Tried

How to Make Money with Shipt

How to Make Money with VIPKID

How To Make Money With Rover

11 Surprising Hacks to Freelance Your Way to Freedom

I’m looking for ways to start a business

Taking the leap from the corporate world to full-time entrepreneurship was tough! That’s why I believe in developing others with the skills and resources needed to create and build a business that is financially sound and able to grow and replace your income. Here are a few resources that I believe will help you on your journey. 

How to Open a Business Bank Account (US)

5 Breakthrough Ways to Quit Your Day Job

How to Make Money as a Business Coach

I’m looking for ways to help my credit 

I worked for several years as a Mortgage Loan Officer where I helped thousands of clients understand how they qualified. I learned that credit is an important tool to use when qualifying for mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, and even jobs. I want everyone to have the best opportunities available to them. And I’ve created a list of helpful articles to help you get a solid understanding of your credit. 

How Credit is Calculated and How to Improve Credit

What is Credit Utilization and Why It Matters

Credit Reports Demystified

How to maximize your credit score

What is a credit bureau and where they get their information

I’m looking for ways to have fun with my money

I believe your bank account is more than a number. Your life should be filled with laughter, love, relationships, and most importantly – a sense of fulfillment. That’s why I believe money is not about simply saving or budgeting. I believe money is tied to your values and I want you to lead a life you love. 

Check out these fun articles on how to enjoy your life and money. 

How to Book Cheap Flights

7 Astonishing Ways to Save on Solo Travel You Need to Know

5 Delightful Decor Ideas That Will Save Your Budget

7 Astonishing Ways to Save on Solo Travel You Need to Know

I hope this was truly helpful to you and don’t forget to join me by listening to my weekly episodes on my Podcast, Earn, Save, Thrive!