• Astonishing Ways to Save for Solo Travel
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    7 Astonishing Ways to Save on Solo Travel You Need to Know

    This post may contain affiliate links. To learn more please read my disclosure page.  In this episode, I interview Danielle Desir, a Travel Finance Strategist and Podcast host The Thought Card. We explore how to prioritize travel as a solo woman on a budget to one of Danielle’s favorite exotic locations: Reykjavik, Iceland. As a single black woman, Danielle discusses how she was able to afford traveling to this expensive destination on a budget while still maximizing on seeing gorgeous scenery like glaciers, waterfalls, and eating locally made ice-cream. Book Cheap Flights Not surprisingly, Danielle advocates for booking cheap flights. She says that her favorite travel hacking websites include the…

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    Adoption Update October 2018

    Melody and Pete: Our Adoption Story from Corinne Toussaint on Vimeo. Our Adoption Update October 2018  One of the first questions I normally receive when asked about my adoption is, “How can you afford your adoption?” This is normally followed by a brief explanation of how my husband and I have paid off over $72k of our debt and have freed up a lot of our expenses. Many people are very curious about our adoption process, so I thought I’d share how our adoption is going as well. As of October 2018, we have paid nearly $3,000 in the homestudy adoption expenses for our international adoption for a little boy…

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    October Networth Reflection

    October Networth Reflection I’ve struggled to consider if I should post about my networth not because I’m afraid of a number, but because I whole heartedly believe that people are not defined by numbers, just as much as they cannot be defined by race, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, or credit score. So before I dive into my personal networth, let’s talk about what’s behind the numbers. Networth is not a reflection of your self-value Networth is a number, not a reflection of self value. Your value as a person should not be defined by the outfits you wear, the dollars in your pocket, or the type of car that…