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    How to Payoff Your Student Loans Fast

    How to pay off your student loans fast In this video, I walk you through the specific steps I used to pay off over $65k in student loans as well as shed consumer debt totaling over $72,500. If you’d like to hear more about the story, please also like and subscribe to my channel as well as listen in to my weekly new podcast, now available on iTunes, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Breaker, PocketCasts, Anchor, and Radio Public.  I share inspiring stories of women in business and discuss the relationship women have with money through interviews and personal stories. Write it all down Creating wealth starts by paying off your balances.…

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    5 Cheap and Easy Recipes

    I love great food, but I don’t like to spend lots of money or time creating elaborate dishes. These cheap and easy recipes are dishes I make under 20 minutes with minimal cooking. I make my lunches or dinner either the night before or right before work. These are great when you are pinched for time on a hot summer day.  All of these recipes are used with ingredients from Aldi, my favorite place to shop.  Saving money on food was one of the biggest ways I was able to pay off my student loans! 5 Cheap & Easy Recipes Related Article: How I Save Money Shopping At Aldi Strawberry…

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    How I Paid off $135k in Student Loans

        My Interview with Ashley Brooke  I recently had the privilege of coming across Ashley’s post about paying off her student loans and I knew that I had to learn her story. Ashley and I chatted briefly about why she wanted to pay off her student loans and how she did it over email and messages. Ashley’s sweet and positive personality seeped through our brief interaction and I am so glad I’m finally getting to share her story. If you’d like to read about my financial journey towards student loan freedom click here. What motivated you to start paying off your student loans?  When I made my first student…