• Mentorship

    The Power of Mentorship and How to Build Authority

    In this episode, I interview Personal Finance Writer Asia Martin. Asia found the power of mentorship impactful in her career. She invested in formal and informal programs to help her level up in her knowledge and confidence. She says that she values family, mentorship, and equity and invests money and time into those values. In the next few paragraphs, I’m going to share with you how she landed a job at a major publishing company including Forbes and how you can build authority in your niche to do the same.  Build experience Asia didn’t always have a ton of experience in her field. She says that she built her experience…

  • Quit your day job
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    5 Breakthrough Ways to Quit Your Day Job

    If you’re reading this article, you might be thinking about quitting your day job. You might be going through the same routines each and every day. Clock in, meetings, agenda, deadlines, clock out, go home, sleep, repeat. Many employees are increasingly disenchanted with their job. According to a Gallup poll conducted in 2013, about 70% of the American workforce feel disengaged and are mentally “clocked out” of their job. This leads to a loss of passion and restlessness. I interviewed Ryan Redoute, a self-made entrepreneur in Detroit to understand how he started his business and quit his day job. Find Your Passion Ryan and I met at New Order Coffee,…

  • How to make money with Rover
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    How To Make Money With Rover

    Vacations and holidays are often filled with family and excursions that aren’t always pet-friendly. So what happens when accommodations aren’t available for your sweet furry friend? I found myself in this situation when my husband and I could not find affordable dog boarding for our last vacation. Luckily, I found an app called Rover, which helps you make money and save money finding a pet sitter. What is Rover? Rover is a website and app-based platform that connects dog owners with local pet sitters. Picture it as an Airbnb for pets. There are plenty of different kinds of services offered by Rover sitters including drop-in visits, walks, boarding, and home…