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    5 Breakthrough Ways to Quit Your Day Job

    If you’re reading this article, you might be thinking about quitting your day job. You might be going through the same routines each and every day. Clock in, meetings, agenda, deadlines, clock out, go home, sleep, repeat. Many employees are increasingly disenchanted with their job. According to a Gallup poll conducted in 2013, about 70% of the American workforce feel disengaged and are mentally “clocked out” of their job. This leads to a loss of passion and restlessness. I interviewed Ryan Redoute, a self-made entrepreneur in Detroit to understand how he started his business and quit his day job. Find Your Passion Ryan and I met at New Order Coffee,…

  • How to make money as a business coach
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    How to Make Money as a Business Coach

    Have you ever been scrolling through your Instagram and you suddenly see a sponsored post with someone who talks about how he/she can promote your business? So have I, and I genuinely wanted to know,” What does a business coach do?” As many of you know, I run a side business as a financial coach, we’ll chat about that in another post, and I had the pleasure of meeting Ben Watson, no relation to Sherlock’s bestie, in an online forum. Ben was professional, had amazing content, and I jumped at the chance to get to know what happened behind the scenes. What is a business coach? A business coach is…

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    10 Must Know Guides to Brand Your Business

    Whether you are a vintage goods seller, a handmade Etsy vendor, or a wedding photographer you might find that are having trouble connecting with your audience. Okay, so you made a few sales, but now it’s slow and you’re wondering where all of your client’s went? You might find that you are barking up the same tree and getting a gentle, “No, thank you” from your friends and relatives and honestly, it feels a little defeating. So you don’t have a budget of $10,000 to spend on advertisements, in fact you barely have enough money to cover inventory at this point. What do you do? Give up? Nope, not this…