Your Sunny Money Method Budgeting Course Review

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Your Sunny Money Method
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Sunny Money Method Budgeting Course Review

A budget is not something normally described as bright or sunny. Tragic- maybe, stressful- most of the time- but definitely not happy or cheerful. Although I personally perk up anytime I hear the phrase, ”budgeting course” I am by far in the minority. So when I found Sami’s blog, a Sunny Side Up Life, I honestly felt relieved to find a “kindred spirit.” Okay, maybe I’ve been watching too much of Anne with an E.  I digress… The point is that Sami has a down to earth approach to finances which I find refreshing and Sami has some extremely valuable tips for women from all walks of life. Check out her guest post about getting the Spouse on Board With the Budget HERE. It’s good.

Who’s Sami?

Sami is not only a powerhouse blogger, Youtuber, and online instructor, she is also wife and mother of three children and successfully paid off over $225,000 of debt in less than three years! If that doesn’t say ambitious, I don’t know what will convince you. In her blog, she talks about the struggle of feeling overwhelmed by finances and wanting to live financially free.

But this awesome biz mom didn’t stop when she had a successful blog; she decided to make a bigger impact. Sami created Your Sunny Money Method Budgeting Course as a way to help real women that struggle with feeling overwhelmed with their finances.

Real Mom, Real Advice

Okay, you’ve probably come across the countless Facebook ads of picture-perfect women and their perfectly curled hair. So, you might be thinking, I’m not in the mood for some sales pitch that will make my wallet $1k lighter and won’t do anything to minimize my waistline. First of all, I get it. Secondly, your waistline is perfect, so stop berating yourself.  Lastly, let me tell you something; Sami is not only the most approachable, successful, and inspiring women you will meet, but her passion and purpose will totally transform your budgeting world.

Okay, so you might be wondering, “What’s in this course for me?”

So, I’m going to tell you why I freaking love this course.

10 Reasons I Love this Budget Course

  1. Approachable and Applicable Content. As a personal finance coach, I often find that many experts in the field like to “talk the talk.” These experts use fancy lingo and have horn-rimmed glasses and are part of a yacht club. (Just kidding…kind of…) If that thought makes you cringe, you’re in luck. Sami makes financial concepts easy to follow along without making you feel like a “fish out of the water.” What’s more, the content is extremely easy to apply to your personal life.

Your Sunny Money Method


  1. Positively Inspiring. You can tell that Sami leads with her heart and she has put so much of her energy and talents into her videos, printable worksheets, and blog posts. You’ll love every minute of her videos and content.
Check out her awesome Youtube Channel!
  1. Quick and Easy. If you’ve ever made a large purchase like a car or house you know that “quick and easy” aren’t very accurate descriptors. In this case, the dollars paid towards this class are well worth your time. The videos and content in this course are short and sweet and will leave you enough time to get to your To-Do-List without feeling overwhelmed.
Check out this awesome live class!
  1. Tools, Tools, Tools. What’s an artist without a brush? If you wanted to- you could try to figure out your budget on your own. You could scour the internet for financial advice like a cleaning brush on a greasy pan, or you could get streamlined budgeting tools from a financial expert. I really enjoyed her video on her Google Sheets Budget and her Holiday budget. Not to mention, she has plenty of debt-free charts, debt payoff worksheets, and debt snowball calculators!
So, I’m kind of in love with her printables.
  1. Excellent How-To Guides – So, for those of you who don’t know me, I work as an Instructional Designer. You can read a tad about my career transition from theater here. That means that I create online learning content for companies who pay me to help adults learn. So when I watched the videos that Sami created, I was very impressed by the amount of detail, planning, organization and execution that she accomplished. The videos not only make sense on a practical level, but they are extremely well made and easy to take action on!
Blog posts that make sense.
  1. Free Group Coaching – Watch out Dr. Phil! Sami’s group coaching creates a way for women of all different backgrounds to come together and work out a solution to challenges with Sami live on Facebook on her private Facebook group and recorded sessions in the class.

Group Coaching

  1. Community- Have you ever felt like you had a secret and you didn’t want anyone to know? Maybe you feel like you don’t want to share with anyone your struggles with money because you feel like you’ll be judged. Not true with the group of women in this Facebook group. You’ll find supportive women going through life with each other. It’s a beautiful place to connect and grow with others.
A Sunny Side Up Life Community


  1. Realistic- How many of you have tried out a diet, stuck to eating celery sticks for a day and then gave up because the diet was too strict? I’m going to raise my hand and say I have. The reason why those kinds of diets don’t work is the same reason that those kinds of budgets don’t work. That’s because those kinds of budgets and diets are unrealistic. This is not the case with this course. Sami outlines realistic budget ideas for busy moms and families.

  1. Included Workshops – Who has time for workshops when dinner needs to be on the table and the laundry hasn’t been sorted? Well, don’t stress about it. Sami is hooking you up with some online workshops geared towards a busy woman’s schedule. My favorite would have to be her “Conquer Your Food Budget” and “Flip your Clutter into Cash.” You’ll get your money’s worth, even if you just get these workshops.

  1. Motivating – One of my most favorite things about Sami is that she is incredibly motivating. If you are feeling the pang of this month’s bills and an empty account, Sami’s inspiring videos will do more than just motivate you to take action; she will lead you to transform your life.
Check out her Instagram!
  1. Mindset-shifting- Okay, that’s more like two words. But, although budgeting takes time and practice, Sami focuses on your mindset in overcoming financial challenges. She does a great job on having her students refocus their energy towards shifting mindsets as the key to transformative change in finances.
Mindset shifting


If these reasons didn’t influence you, I’ll tell you what will.

I’ve saved the best reasons you should enroll in this course.

Sami has made this course extremely affordable.

It’s not $1,000. It’s not even $100.

The class is only $67!

Plus, I have an exclusive coupon for $10 off.

Okay, so the real price is about $57.

That’s less than the cost of a new phone and cheaper than most credit card bills.

Think about it, if you even save $60, you’ll have paid off this course.

And if you save thousands of dollars and are able to reach your financial goals faster, wouldn’t you want to?

And, if you’re not ready to yet, check out her free email course here and subscribe to her amazing blog!

Here’s the coupon.

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Your Sunny Money Method Budgeting Course
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